Water Based CBD Oil: Everything that You Need to Know


Water-based CBD, also referred to as water-soluble CBD, is one of the hot terms in the hemp industry today, and it has generated lot of excitement as well as skepticism. The product is carefully created using advanced technologies that are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to increase the effectiveness of CBD, especially bioavailability. Water based CBD oil + water based CBD (= advantages of the water-based). 

Keep reading as we delve deeper into water-based CBD and the traditional CBD oil to help you answer the question, “Which one should you use?” 

What is Water-Based CBD?

CBD, shortening for cannabidiol, is one of the phytocannabinoids found in a hemp plant. It is extracted mainly by separating it from the other cannabinoids, so that users can get its therapeutic benefits. At this point, it is important to point out that CBD oil is free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component in a hemp plant. Therefore, you can rest assured of not getting high from using CBD oil.

Phytocannabinoids, including CBD are hydrophobic, implying that they do not blend with water easily. Therefore, water-soluble CBD means CBD is processed to incorporate its ions and molecules into water. 

Water-Soluble CBD: How is It Processed?

To make water-based CBD, manufacturers use advanced nanotechnology that breaks CBD into very tiny particles of about 100 nanometers or less. It is important to appreciate that despite the name water-based CBD, the oil does actually dissolve in water. Breaking the oil into small particles only allows them to disperse in the liquid, helping to increase absorption into the body. Here are some of the main technologies used to create water-soluble CBD and related products. 


Nanoemulsions utilize mechanical methods to break CBD oil into 10-100 nanometer particles. These tiny particles make it easy to use low amounts of natural surfactants and also help to protect the original properties of CBD. 


Liposomes are small spherical structures of about 50-5000 nanometers. They comprise of an internal water-friendly compartment surrounded by a hydrophobic bi-layer. The bi-layer membrane is used to store CBD and promote delivery. This method is very effective, although it requires high levels of surfactant. 


Macroemulsions develop 100-5000 nanometer droplets by solubilizing CBD in water. Like the liposome method, macroemulsions has a downside of requiring high quantities of surfactant. 

Water-Based CBD Oil and Bioavailability 

When you swallow CBD, it is first processed by the liver before getting to the blood system. Researchers have established that a lot of CBD get destroyed by the liver and only a small percentage gets to the blood. After taking CBD orally, only about 4% is bioavailable, meaning that the rest 96% flushed away as waste.

To address the problem, new alternatives that bypass the breakdown in the liver are already in use. For example, you can use CBD sublingually by placing drops under the tongue so that it is directly absorbed into the blood. Other people prefer smoking or vaping so that CBD is immediately absorbed through the cells of the lungs.  

While the alternatives are commendable, none of them addresses the problem of swallowed CBD, which is very common. This is why they developed water-based CBD. It tackles the problem head-on by increasing the surface area of the oil droplets to increase bio-availability. Water based CBD oil + water based CBD (= advantages of the water-based).

Special Benefits of Using Water-Based CBD Oil 

Water based CBD oil + water based CBD (= advantages of the water-based). When you compare it with CBD oil, water-based CBD provides users with multiple options on how to they want to use it. Here are other benefits of using water-based CBD. 

Improved Bioavailability 

When you take CBD oil, the goal is to enjoy specific therapeutic benefits, such as help with insomnia, migraine, or anxiety. With improved bioavailability, it implies that you will only need a small quantity of CBD to get the anticipated therapeutic effect. In addition, you will spend less on CBD. 

Water-Based CBD Makes it Easy for Consistent Dosing 

When people take CBD using the standard methods, such as vaping and adding to beverages, the dosage varies. However, using water-based CBD makes it pretty easy to determine the amount that will get into the body. With water-based CBD, you no longer have to worry about the quantity of CBD that is in a full-spectrum cannabis product or vaping tank. 

Versatile Use 

 Water-based CBD has opened a new door of possibilities with hemp products. For example, researchers are now trying water-based CBD with different beverages and drinks.

Side Effects 

Now that we have listed the main benefits that come with water-based CBD, you might be wondering, “Does it have any side effects?” Here are the two main disadvantages associated with water-based CBD. 

It Only Contains CBD 

Since water-based CBD only uses CBD, it means that you are going to miss the benefits that come with other cannabinoids. Therefore, if you are targeting the benefits that come from such cannabinoids, you might consider looking for full-spectrum cannabis. 

It Might Not Take Long in the Body 

One of the benefits of using full-spectrum cannabis oils is that they take longer in the body. The impact of this is that you can enjoy their therapeutic benefits over a longer period. Although water-based CBD is more effective, the absorption is pretty rapid, and it also gets cleared fast from the body. However, you do not have to worry about this because you can simply take another dose of CBD.

Conclusion about Water Based CBD Oil

Water based CBD oil + water based CBD (= advantages of the water-based). Water-based CBD is one of the latest developments in the hemp industry, and it comes with awesome benefits that you should not miss. It not only addresses the complex challenge of bioavailability, but has also opened new areas for research. 

To enjoy all the benefits of water-based CBD, it is paramount to ensure that you only buy it from the best vendors. These are dealers who are fully committed to delivering customer value and will stop at nothing to ensure you enjoy the expected therapeutic benefits. Remember to also use the right CBD dose.