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Wellness Shots

Wellness Shots

in Bioavailability

RESET Bioscience products offer faster, better absorption than other leading supplements on the market.

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Shop tasty supplements and wellness solutions that support your busy lifestyle RESET Bioscience offers water-based products you can feel.

With maximum bioavailability, finally enjoy the wellness support you deserve.

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RESET Your Wellness Ritual

Transparent, Trusted, Backed in Science

Take Less to Feel More

Lipid encapsulated for greater bioavailability and accurate dosing of active ingredients so you can actually know and absorb what you’re taking. No more wasting product (or your money).

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Guaranteed Freshness

Created using sophisticated research and development to account for ingredient interactions, degradation and more which affect the quality and potency of your product over time. No more taking ineffective, spoiled products.

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Premium, Traceable Ingredients

Formulated by expert scientists using thoughtful ingredient selection curated for maximum benefits and to ensure traceability in every product. No more guessing what you’re ingesting.

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Formulated & Tested to Pharmaceutical Standards

Double-tested for contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and even mycotoxins to ensure you get what’s on the label and none of what’s not. No more lack of transparency in what you, and your family, are taking.

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Water-Based Wellness

Innovated to be uniquely water-based so you can easily mix into any liquid without separation, texture changes or losing potency. No more oily mouthfeels.

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Our Community Has Spoken

With exercise, diet, therapy, and supplements like resetbioscience drops, I've been at my lowest stress level ever. Yes, even at this very moment. I know the world is dealing with a pandemic, but I am managing what I can and feel I am doing well enough. My mental health is still a top priority just as my physical and spiritual health are.

Jenny B.

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“I’ve made RESET Bioscience part of my nightly ritual for several years now and, at 34 years old, recovery is more important than ever. I don’t like to take days off of training and I don’t like to train at anything short of 110% which works IF my recovery is dialed in 100%. I like RESET Balance CBD in the evening to help calm me, reduce cortisol and help prepare my body for a good night's sleep. - Mike Hildebrandt”


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“Trust. RESET's management and operation make me feel I am in good hands and can rely on their information, product, and service.”

Jan Z. (Via Facebook)

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