RESET Foundation 6 Pack

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For Mood Support
(6) 300 mg THC-Free* Water-Based Hemp Broad Spectrum Extract (120 Servings)
Fast Absorb 4X More Cannabinoids than Oils • Non-GMO • Zero Calories • Manufactured in USA

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Without a solid foundation, it’s hard to build a meaningful wellness ritual.

RESET Foundation is the first water-based formula to encapsulate hemp-derived broad spectrum extract into nanoparticles for faster absorption of 4 times more cannabinoids so you get all the benefits of the ‘entourage’ effect.

  • Scientifically Proven ‘Powered by Santé’ Pharmaceutical Delivery Technology for Better, Faster Results
  • Take Alone or Add to Beverages like water, coffee or cocktails!
  • Includes Dropper Demarcated with 10 mg Serving Size for Accurate Dosing
  • All Ingredients are Premium-Grade & Non-GMO
  • Validated Shelf-Life (12 Months!)
  • Soy & Gluten Free
  • Double-Tested by Santé Laboratories in Austin, Texas — see our lab results here. (
  • What is Broad Spectrum and how is it different from an Isolate?

    RESET Bioscience constantly works to create multiple ways for people to benefit from cannabinoids all while staying true to our commitment to proven efficacy through science. Born from this key brand pillar, RESET Foundation is the first water based hemp derived broad spectrum extract designed to be better absorbed by your body.

    In our isolate products (Function, Balance, and Restore) we deliver one cannabinoid for targeted benefits. Whereas Function features Broad spectrum extract and can include more cannabinoids than just CBD to work synergistically in your body for enhanced benefits, relief and optimal wellness. We call this the entourage effect.

    So what’s the advantage of broad spectrum and isolates?

    Isolates let you target what you need to get through your day. Foundation Broad Spectrum, brings you overall advantages from the cannabinoids contained inside. There are times and places for each but both isolates and broad spectrum products have a place in your daily wellness ritual.

  • Why is RESET Foundation the best Broad Spectrum choice?

    As the first pharmaceutical-grade, water-based, high-quality broad spectrum drops, RESET Bioscience sets the bar for the highest standards of testing, quality, and scientifically-backed efficacy in plant-based cannabinoid nutraceuticals.

    Our commitment to your wellness is powered only by premium-grade plant-based ingredients with added benefits to help you feel your best because we know how important it is to RESET your body free of toxic chemicals!

    Developed, formulated, and manufactured all in the United States with rigorous quality controls, every step of creating RESET Foundation is closely monitored from hemp seed to finished bottle.

    When it arrives at your doorstep there’s no need to worry about separation or shaking because RESET Foundation is shelf-stable, meaning it’s scientifically proven to work for over twelve months! No other broad spectrum product can do that for you.

  • Why is RESET Foundation better than other broad spectrum products?

    Hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD oils are a dime a dozen but RESET Foundation actually works to give your endocannabinoid system the foundation it needs.

    It features our uniquely water-based broad spectrum formula delivered straight to your bloodstream to help the parts of your body that need it most via our innovative nanotechnology delivery system. It’s important to use water-based products because your body is water-based too!

    But what does that mean for you? It means you will feel the difference.

    Since cannabinoids (including CBG, CBD, CBN and more) and oils are both naturally hydrophobic (they don’t mix with water), regular broad spectrum oil products are physically unable to survive your digestive system. Whereas RESET Foundation is water-based, just like your body!

    Every drop is infused with billions of pure broad spectrum nanoparticles encapsulated for protection as they travel through your body, resulting in optimal absorption. This ensures you get the most out of the broad spectrum extract when you take RESET Foundation.

    Our encapsulated broad spectrum nanoparticles come from hemp plants. We test the hemp broad spectrum extract at Santé Laboratories in Austin, Texas to ensure there are no detectable levels of THC, residual solvents, microbial contaminants, toxic chemicals and more. We then re-test our finished products for double-tested confidence that RESET provides you with purest, THC-free* broad spectrum CBD.

  • What can RESET Foundation do for me?

    Committed fans all over the world send us testimonials of their experiences incorporating RESET Foundation into their daily ritual. Some testimonials from customers describe:

    • Supported Mood
    • Relaxation for a More Rested Mind & Body
    • The Entourage Effect for the Full-Power of Multiple Cannabinoids
    • Works perfectly with our isolates to up the entourage ante: RESET Function, RESET Balance and RESET Restore to find your perfect ritual and address future needs!
  • How does RESET Foundation work with my body?

    You know how exercise and living well just feels good? How you feel less drowsy, more alert, and free of the everyday stresses that weigh you down. That’s the work of your body’s endocannabinoid system!

    Your body contains two types of endocannabinoid receptors that are in your nervous system and immune system, both vital for regulating your levels including mental wellness and inflammation. Engaging the entourage effect via a dynamic array of cannabinoids powered by RESET’s efficacy, your endocannabinoid system will thank you!

    RESET Foundation’s nanotechnology delivery system identifies and transports the various cannabinoids more efficiently and directly to where you need it, helping your endocannabinoid system to work overtime, naturally, so you don't have to.

  • Why is RESET Foundation a better investment?
    • Our proprietary nanotechnology delivery system allows the broad spectrum extract to survive your digestive system better than any other product on the market to ensure you get the most benefits combined cannabinoids have to offer. You’ll experience faster results being able to absorb up to 80% of the cannabinoid content versus traditional oils where you can only absorb 5-20%.
    • This same delivery platform transports broad spectrum cannabinoids directly into your cells, so you won’t have to ingest extra servings to feel the benefits. This means less risk of toxicity or overconsumption, PLUS you save money with every drop.
    • Each bottle is tested to ensure what is on the label is what goes into your body without a grassy taste or getting ‘high’.
  • Why do we double test our broad spectrum extract in RESET Foundation?

    As natural bioaccumulators, hemp plants absorb everything from the soil or the air around them including toxins. So while this amazing gift from Mother Nature gives us natural remedies like CBG, CBD, and CBN, it can also bring along pesticides and heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.

    We ensure this doesn’t happen in RESET Foundation by double-testing every single batch to verify there are no detectable levels of THC, residual solvents, microbial contaminants, and more because we care about our RESET family’s well-being.

    Our unique commitment to following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) paired with self-regulating at pharmaceutical standards earns us best-in-class credibility in a predominately unregulated space. Every bottle of RESET Foundation is verified to be full of cannabinoids, and free of unhealthy contaminants so you feel safe giving RESET Foundation to your loved ones who need a little support.

  • What’s in RESET Foundation?

    In addition to our double-tested broad spectrum extract, there are other premium grade, responsibly-sourced ingredients in our water-based formula that may bring potential health benefits.

    • Purified water.
    • Phosphatidylcholine from sunflowers.
    • Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides from coconuts.
    • Vitamin E from DL-alpha-Tocopherol.
    • Flavored with monk fruit.
    • Malic Acid from coconuts and palms.
    • Citric Acid Monohydrate from plant-based sugars.
    • Natural flavors to give RESET Foundation a great, natural flavor.
    • Potassium Sorbate from sorbic acid.
    • Sodium Benzoate from benzoic acid.
    • Sodium Chloride.
  • “I have been out of the Marine Corps for five years now and having PTSD and bodily pain (especially in my back), I have had a fair amount of difficulty sleeping, let alone relaxing. The first time I took RESET, that all changed! It's a great alternative to sleep or anxiety meds. I highly recommend Reset to anyone looking for a moment to unwind and finally get some rest.

    Ricky R.
  • Reset has become an integral part of my daily routine for coping with stress and anxiety, and any injuries. I can’t imagine a day without it!”

    Lila A.
  • I've been taking Reset every day this week in the afternoon and it has been helping greatly with my neck pain. I recently started working from home and have not quite gotten myself set up with a legit office space yet, so the kitchen table has been killing me come midday. Reset has pretty much mitigated that pain until I finish up for the day!”

    Sarah S.
  • “My husband sleeps much better since he’s been taking this product and it has reduced the inflammation in his hip and knee.

    Debra B.
  • After living with my post-surgical knees for almost 40 years, I know what they constantly feel like, and those feelings of pain are gone. I know that this was not a placebo effect, because I have never been able to will it away, and have only felt this good when on steroids good night.”

    Phil K.
  • Amazing experience. Best CBD I had by far.”

    Brunetti F.
  • As a nutritionist I enjoy the quality of the science backing this product. It's pleasant tasting and does not need to be refrigerated as it is shelf stable. I recently sprained an arm during yoga which seemed to be taking a while to settle, this CBD supplement has definitely sped up the process of healing.”

    Joanne R.
  • Just received my first bottle of Reset...and the results are truly life-changing! No more pain, no more headache...clears out my hangover. And a boost to my energy.”

    Adam G.
  • As an avid CrossFitter (4x a week), I’m always looking for something that allows me to recover quickly and get ready for the next workout. I found that in Reset. All it takes is a few drops. My muscles recover quicker than ever with less soreness and pain. I highly recommend Reset.”

    Brittany G.
  • “Reset is incredibly effective, but most importantly, tastes great. There’s no need to search out any other product when Reset checks off every box on your list.”

    Rob F.
  • “What can I say? I felt mellow throughout the day, also legitimately going to wear those pins. Also, an easy, tasty addition to my morning routine.

    Jenny B.
  • “As a long time sufferer of poor sleeping/ insomnia, I have been using Reset on and off the last few weeks. I have noticed a definite calming effect after using it which has allowed me to get some much needed rest. Usage for me consists of approximately half an eye dropper full. The biggest difference from over the counter sleep aids I have used, is that I wake up clear headed with Reset. Other sleep aids I have tried, leave an awful, groggy feeling when I wake up, and it takes several hours for my head to get rid of that logy feeling”.

    Wayne B.
  • I went from relying on half a bottle of Advil per month (to deal with cramps), to relying solely on Reset. It changed my LIFE.”

    Melissa M.
  • RESET has worked wonders for me in reducing inflammation caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Pain and numbness melts away. Reset is fast-acting and requires a smaller dose compared to other products in the market reducing the overall monthly costs. I wholeheartedly recommend Reset for any types of pain and inflammation as it has relieved most, if not all, of the symptoms I’ve experienced for years.

    Michael N.
  • As someone who suffers from major anxiety, I’m always on the edge and RESET helped me feel balanced. When my anxiety would kick in, it wasn’t as intense and I felt a lot more calm throughout my week of trying it. I love the packaging, the look and the natural ingredients they use. I highly recommend them and I’m going to be using them a lot in the future!”

  • I've been taking RESET before bed for over a month now and have quickly seen an impact in my ability to fall asleep, sleep soundly, stay asleep for a reasonable period of time, and wake up feeling focussed and energized. Given how precious a commodity proper sleep is in my life-- I balance working in the arts with a home life including two children-- RESET has been invaluable!”

    Vivek T.
  • As the only CBD I’ve been taking, my usual aches have decreased and my driving has definitely increased. And while I’m generally a pretty chill person, riiiight around my period I may bite somebody’s head off, yet this time I felt slightly less crampy and hormonally, um, “charged”, we’ll say. Now, *that’s* good for the whole household.”

  • “I was really impressed with the effectiveness of Reset’s CBD formula. My anxiety was significantly more maintainable after consistently taking the CBD for about a week. I was also grateful that they included a way for me to keep track of my intake and hold myself accountable for consistent dosing.”

  • I’ve been aware of CBD for almost a year now but was skeptical due to using THC in college and having it increase my anxiety, but let me tell you, RESET CBD is SO different! After just a few days of using Reset, I found it much easier to calm my mind after a long day and get a restful sleep.

  • “I really saw the benefits after trying the 30 day challenge. I felt lower anxiety levels after a few minutes of taking the drops. Really a good daily routine to get into!”