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The supplement space is crowded with hundreds of brands that over-promise and under-deliver.

They feature ingredients with high potential but lack a delivery system to ensure those ingredients are absorbed. Without innovation to ensure you absorb the ingredients — you’re left frustrated, with little to no benefit and paying for products that don’t work because you eliminate them (hello, neon yellow pee).

In partnership with leading contract research organization Santé Laboratories, RESET Bioscience introduces a revolution in wellness products using innovative technologies to create better, trusted, more efficacious solutions accessible to consumers everywhere.

Superior ingredient selection + Delivery Technology = More efficacious products

Powered by Santé® Delivery System

Every drop of RESET is packed with billions of liposomes just like this one:


Hydrophilic Heads:

These water-loving heads are a perfect fit for your body that’s made up of 70% water content. They’re in constant contact with the aqueous (watery) solutions inside and outside of the liposome.

Lipid Bilayer:

This bilayer is created from the heads and tails to mimic the same bilayers found in the cells of your body. It works as a gate to allow molecules in and out of the liposome.

Hydrophobic Tails:

These tails don’t like mixing with water. They form the lipid bilayer, create structure, and keep the particle from becoming a solid.

Ingredients Protected Inside:

This is where ingredients are stored for protection inside of the liposome. The hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails (the lipid bilayer) work together so these ingredients make it all the way to your small intestines where absorption happens.

Flagship Technology Ingredients

Phosphatidylcholine: Phosphatidylcholine makes up the lipid membrane of the liposome and is found in every RESET product. This powerful phospholipid occurs naturally in the body in all cell membranes and promotes abundant benefits for your brain, liver, and metabolism including mental focus, long-term brain function, cellular repair, liver detoxification and healthy aging.

Plant Sterols: Plant sterols make up the hydrophilic heads and are found in every RESET product. RESET’s plant sterols are sourced from phytosterols derived from pine trees. Plant sterols are a powerful ingredient that have been shown to assist with cholesterol management for optimal heart health.


Not an oil


Not a tincture


Not water soluble

(that's impossible)


Water based just like your body.

Different from oils, tinctures, nanos, emulsions and ‘water soluble’ formulas, RESET is water based and made without the use of surfactants or harmful chemicals. RESET products are designed so you can take less to feel more.

Formulated by PhD Scientists

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Lab Tested

Pharmacokinetic Data Backed

Manufactured in the USA

ICH Q1A/Q1E Validated Shelf Stable

USP 2021/2022 Microbiological Testing

RESET Your Wellness Experience

Faster Onset
to RESET When You
Need It

Active Where You Need It
to Actually Absorb It
(in your small intestines)

Consistency in Particle Size and Shape for Accurate Dosing

Consistency in Particle Size & Shape for a Consistent Experience

Water Miscible to Create a Nanosuspension When Added to Drinks

Water Miscible to Create a Nanosuspension When Added to Drinks

Validated Shelf Stability Studies for Guaranteed Freshness

Validated Shelf Stability Studies for Guaranteed Freshness

Formulated & Tested to Pharmaceutical Standards

COAs Scope of Accreditation