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All Products

Wellness Shots

Wellness Shots

Earn Rewards

Instagram Reels + Posts


$20 Site Credit on $50 or more


$35 Site Credit on $75 or more


FREE CBD Drink Drops & Wellness Shot Duo Pack

Instagram Stories


FREE Shipping


$15 Site Credit + (2) Free Shot Samples with code redemption


FREE Wellness Shot Duo Pack OR Pet CBD


Each TikTok is worth a $10 Amazon Gift Card

limited to 3 per month per ambassador

Not on social? Sign up and leave a product review for a $10 Site Credit

limited to 5 per month per ambassador

Here’s How It Works

Sign Up

Sign up with your email and social media handles on this page. Keep an eye out for emails from us about the status of your application and rewards.

Post On Social

Share your favorite RESET products on Instagram or TikTok. Don’t forget to follow the post rules and tag @RESETbioscience, #RESETambassador and #RESET. See inspiration below!

Get Rewarded

Upon completion of each tier, receive exclusive awards! You’ll be notified via email on your reward details.

Post Rules

  • Posts must be made from accounts that are public

  • Posts must visibly display RESET, use #RESETambassador and tag @RESETbioscience

  • Posts may only include 4 tags per post (not including people)

  • Posts must not be made from accounts with no previous post

What We Love to See


High Resolution

Ensure you are posting high resolution photos and videos for both in-feed and story Instagram posts. Good lighting is key!

Be Authentic

We love seeing photos of you enjoying RESET at the gym, with friends, after work, and more. Get creative and be yourself!

Show Product/Brand

Show off how you enjoy RESET by making sure the products are clearly visible. Don't forget to tag @RESETbioscience for your post to be seen and credited.


We invited you to the program because we believe you represent RESET’s values of inspiring health and happiness through modern wellness rituals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I get rewarded?
Check your email! As long as you follow all the post guidelines, your rewards will be sent to the email you register with within 24 hours of your post being approved.
What is my reward eligible towards?
You will receive a unique, one-time use code that cannot be combined with other offers. If there are limitations, those will be denoted on this page and/or in the reward email you receive.
Can I get rewarded on any other social platforms?
While we encourage you to share on other platforms, we are only offering rewards for Instagram and Tik Tok at the moment.
Are Instagram Stories included? What about Reels?
Yes, stories, reels and posts are all eligible for rewards! See the rewards structure above.
How do I ensure my post is valid?
Ensure you are posting from a public account, tagging the correct brand, following the post guidelines listed, and upholding the Terms & Conditions.
Who do I contact if I haven’t received my reward or have questions about the program?
Please email with any questions!

Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for rewards, you must sign up on this page and follow the post rules above upon acceptance into the VIP Ambassador program.

  • Ambassadors’ posts should only make factual statements or personal experience statements about RESET Bioscience products.

  • Ambassadors may not make disparaging, deceptive or misleading claims about RESET Bioscience products.

  • To be eligible for rewards, you must sign up on this page and follow the post rules above.

  • Ambassadors may not post content that promotes unsafe activity, nudity, bigotry, racism, or discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

  • RESET Bioscience will monitor posts to ensure the accuracy of any claims and that Ambassadors have adequately disclosed their connection to RESET Bioscience using #RESETambassador. RESET Bioscience has the right to address non-compliant posts, including by requiring you to fix the post and/or excluding the post from eligibility for any promotions.

  • RESET Bioscience may use rewards member content for marketing purposes.

  • RESET Bioscience may update the rewards program at any time.