The science behind our fast and efficient CBD.

A revolution in CBD
RESET Balance is not an oil, and it’s not a pill.
It’s a nanoliposome that’s infused with billions of hemp-derived CBD particles.

This means it has a higher bioavailability with more CBD better enduring the digestion process. The result for you? More impact and less stress.

RESET’s nanoliposomes encapsulate hemp-derived CBD, which is grown in fresh, pure air in rural Colorado using crisp mountain water. We refine the hemp CBD in a GMP Lab, to extract just the CBD isolate. Our triple-tested process enables us to say with confidence that RESET provides you with pure CBD.

Nanotech is a development that is introducing new advancements to the medical field as well as natural supplements. Much in the same way that the iPhone created a whole new category, smartphones, for the communications industry, RESET will pioneer a whole new category of supplements – nanotech wellness.

reset balance bottle thc free advanced nanotechnology
Your new best friend, Balance

RESET is setting a new bar for pure, clean CBD.

Mother Nature is full of solutions and remedies that go far beyond your grandparents’ supplements – or even your friends’. We believe modern science and nanotech can help unlock these solutions to enhance your well-being. As the first truly pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality liposomal CBD, RESET Bioscience is committed to setting the bar for the highest standards of quality, ethics and scientifically-backed natural nutraceutical products.

Our quality controls monitor your product throughout the whole process to deliver you a pharmaceutical-quality product without a prescription. Rigorous development ensures you’re getting the highest-grade nano-delivery system available.

Many CBD and hemp-based products contain bioaccumulators, which are largely unregulated and can carry serious health risks. We believe in total transparency of our whole process. We’re in the business of producing supplements that work as hard as you do.

Bioavailability &
Hard Facts on Absorption:

With an army of millions of tiny little "trojan horse" pharmaceutical liposomes as its delivery system, RESET is able to improve the pharmacokinetics, or PK, of your supplement.

To better understand PK, let us introduce you to the principles of ADME: Absorption. Distribution. Metabolism. Excretion.

Why we double test
Hemp is a bioaccumulator - it absorbs any toxins in the soil or air around it.
By putting pure CBD first, we are fixated on self-regulating to pharmaceutical standards that ensure GMP compliance in our production. And with world class science in our delivery system, there’s no need to distract you with lies or “branding” so we can skip straight to the hard facts. RESET is triple-tested at every stage of production and proven to work as hard as you do.

We are so confident in our testing, we give it to our Mum.

Upgrade your life. Feel good. Every day.
Balance in all parts of your life is crucial to happiness. Your body is no different. Nature gave us CBD. Our nano science now empowers CBD to work more efficiently. RESET Balance is one less thing to worry about in your daily routine.
The endocannabinoid system

You know how exercise and living well just feels good? How you feel less drowsy, more alert and free of the everyday stresses that weigh you down? That’s the work of your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Your body contains two types of endocannabinoid receptors that are in your nervous system and immune system, both are vital for regulating your levels for a variety of things including anxiety and pain. CBD helps the endocannabinoid system work overtime so you don't have to.