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Cannabinoids & CBD
What is CBD?
CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is one of the 130+ cannabinoids in the hemp plant. CBD has been found to have potential benefits for your body. CBD boosts your endocannabinoid system which may boost your mood and help your body. You can find CBD in RESET Balance CBD or RESET Foundation Broad Spectrum CBD.
What are cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are compounds found in the hemp plant. You may know some of them by different names, such as THC and CBD. However, there are over 130 cannabinoids active in each hemp plant.
So are RESET products cannabis-derived or hemp-derived CBD?
RESET Products are all hemp-derived.We double-check it to ensure it meets only the purest standards including testing for THC, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants. (We put in all the extra work so you don’t have to.)
What is in RESET products, and will they get me high?
RESET products will not get you high because they do not contain THC. Our products are tested below 0.001% THC, which is the lowest that our top-of-the-line machines can detect.
Will RESET show up on a drug test?
We cannot guarantee any drug test results, however, per our 3rd party test results, our product is THC-Free*, meaning that RESET products test below 0.001%, which is the lowest that our top-of-the-line machines can detect
What is CBG and how is it different from CBD?
CBG stands for cannabigerol, which is another component of the hemp plant. While both CBG and CBD both come from the hemp plant, they are produced at different times in the plants’ life cycle. CBG is one of the first to be present in young plants. CBG then turns into other cannabinoids later on during growth. RESET Function gives you the benefits of CBG to support anti-inflammation for healthy digestion.
What is CBN and how is it different from CBD?
CBN stands for cannabinol. CBN is typically found in more mature hemp plants and could have started as CBG. RESET Restore gives you the benefits of CBN to support a more relaxed mind for more restorative sleep.
Why does RESET use isolates and Broad Spectrum CBD and not Full-Spectrum CBD?
All of the RESET’s products are THC-Free*. We’ve chosen to do so so that you can customize your cannabinoid ritual. You can choose the amount and when you take CBG vs. CBD. We do offer RESET Foundation Broad Spectrum which still is THC-Free* but includes CBD, CBG, and CBC for multiple cannabinoids in one great bottle.
RESET Products
What makes water-based drops unique?
As the first pharmaceutical-grade, water-based, high-quality cannabinoid drops, RESET Bioscience sets the bar for the highest standards of testing, quality, and scientifically-backed efficacy in plant-based cannabinoid nutraceuticals. Our nanotechnology delivery system allows cannabinoids to survive your digestive system better than any other product to ensure you get the most benefits cannabinoids like CBD has to offer. You’ll experience faster results being able to absorb up to 80% of the cannabinoid content versus traditional oils where you can only absorb 5-20%. This means less risk of toxicity or overconsumption, PLUS you save money with every drop.
What do RESET products taste like?
RESET Function CBG contains lemon oil and orange oil to give it a lively Bright Citrus flavor. RESET Balance CBD Fresh Mint contains peppermint oil to give it a great peppermint flavor. RESET Balance also comes in an unflavored option. RESET Restore CBN contains natural flavors to give it a relaxing Blueberry Dream flavor. RESET Foundation Broad Spectrum CBD contains natural flavors to give it an earthy, natural taste. All products mix great in your favorite drink from coffee to cocktails!
Are supplement companies required to do bioavailability studies?
The short answer is no. Since there’s no regulatory oversight to certify that third-party tests are real or valid, it’s hard to know for sure whether companies are telling the truth about their standards without asking more questions. At RESET Balance, we’ve spent nearly $2 million to self-regulate our product to the highest standards of quality, ethical and scientifically backed nutraceutical products by hiring another lab to double-check the product at our own expense - leaving out no details to be as transparent as possible.
Is RESET an oil? Or a pill?
Hemp-derived products are a dime a dozen, but RESET products work. RESET Products are water-based drops. They are scientifically validated and formulated to provide the ideal cannabinoid experience for everybody. Since cannabinoids (including CBD) and oils are both naturally hydrophobic (they don’t mix with water), regular CBD products are physically unable to survive your digestive system. Whereas RESET products are all water-based, just like your body! Every drop is protected as they travel through your body, resulting in optimal absorption. This ensures you get the most out of your RESET product when you take them.
What’s the best way to take RESET products?
You can take RESET products however you’d like. In your favorite drink or straight from the bottle. Because of our unique delivery system, you know that RESET products will survive your digestive system and give you that feel-good feeling.
What is the Ritual?
RESET Bioscience created the RESET Ritual with your every need in mind. All three of our THC-Free*, non-GMO, hemp-derived isolate formulas in one package! You’ll have the flexibility to address all your wellness goals so you can power your day from morning tonight. Start with our Bright Citrus flavored RESET Function CBG in your favorite morning beverage which may support digestion and athletic recovery. Mix it with unflavored RESET Balance CBD for the balance we all need, especially on our most stressful days, or try the CBD on its own after lunch! Wind down at the end of the day with RESET Restore CBN Blueberry Dream Flavor. Try it in your end-of-night tea or take it on its own on the way to bed.
How many calories are in one serving of RESET products?
Zero! We are calorie-free, no artificial sweeteners, and no fat.
What dose should I take of RESET or how much should I take?
RESET products may affect each person differently. We suggest trying out a single serving and seeing how it affects you before you increase to any more than that. Mix and match your products (and cannabinoids) to get your favorite combination. As always consult your physician for more specific recommendations.
Can I be a RESET product wholesaler?
Yes, please email us at [email protected]
Why can I not buy CBN in Hong Kong?
At the moment, CBN is not legal in Hong Kong, preventing us from selling our RESET Restore CBN to Hong Kong residents.
Can you ship internationally?
Yes, currently RESET Bioscience can ship to the United States and Hong Kong— we hope to continue to add to this list soon! The risk and responsibility of shipping will lie with the customer and we, unfortunately, cannot accept any liability for orders not arriving due to customs or handling parties.
What is your return policy?
Please note, our return policy mandates that all packaging must be completely sealed and unopened due to the ingestible nature of the product. Purchase of more than one item only guarantees the return of any unopened product box. Shipping costs incurred will be the responsibility of the party returning the order. Terms of purchase are provided at checkout and by agreeing to these terms and conditions you understand that the products purchased contain cannabinoids from hemp extract. If you are not satisfied with your order, please follow the guidelines below: 1. Contact [email protected] within 30-days of purchase. 2. Provide feedback regarding the reason you are returning your order. 3. Once confirmed for return with customer service, mail the product back including: a. Full name b. Order number 4. Once the intact product has been received a refund or partial refund for partially returned orders will be issued. For any questions or concerns please email [email protected]
What are the ingredients in RESET Balance?
Purified water. Phosphatidylcholine from sunflowers. Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides from coconuts. Vitamin E from DL-alpha-Tocopherol. Flavored with monk fruit. Malic Acid from coconuts and palms. Citric Acid Monohydrate from plant-based sugars. Potassium Sorbate from sorbic acid. Sodium Benzoate from benzoic acid. Sodium Chloride. Other ingredients can include Natural flavors, peppermint oil, lemon oil, and orange oil for flavoring.
Why are the ingredients all the same if they are different products?
While the ingredients are the same, each of our RESET products has different cannabinoids to support different aspects of your day-to-day life. CBD for all-day wellness, CBG which may support digestion, CBN for relaxation.
Are RESET products gluten-free?
RESET products do not contain any type of gluten-containing grains such as wheat, rye, or barley. RESET products do not contain ingredients derived from gluten-containing grains or ingredients that have been processed to remove gluten. RESET products contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) gluten verified by a 3rd-party ISO 17025 accredited laboratory meeting FDA requirements for ‘gluten free’ claims.
Can/should my RESET products be combined with caffeine?
RESET’s water-based drops are perfect for any beverage. Some users love to mix theirs with their morning coffee.
Can cannabinoid products improve my workout?
Cannabinoids may have some benefits to your athletic recovery. Add them to your water during your workout or in your post-workout smoothie to see how to RESET products may work for you.
How does CBD affect focus/concentration?
More research needs to be done before we can confirm that CBD has an effect on focus or concentration in the body.
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Effective Date of Last Update: 05/20/21