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Why Choose Water Based Broad Spectrum to Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil?

We’re the first to launch a water-based Broad Spectrum CBD! 

So what’s the difference between the  Broad Spectrum CBD oil you’ve been taking and our Broad Spectrum CBD oil that we use to create a scientifically proven to be more effective RESET water-based formula? Let’s start by learning what Broad Spectrum CBD is.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD & Where Does It Come From?

Broad Spectrum CBD is a little confusing as it’s not just CBD! Broad Spectrum CBD typically refers to CBD that contains other cannabinoids (like CBL, CBG, etc.) in addition to mostly CBD and sometimes terpenes  RESET Broad Spectrum CBD comes specifically from hemp plants which, per federal regulation, have to test below 0.3% THC. The oil is extracted from the raw plants and refined to make the product you know and love. Further refining leads to isolates like those in RESET Function, Balance, and Restore.

During the extraction process, it’s important to recognize that other things, such as heavy metals and pesticides, need to be extracted from the hemp plants as well. Before taking any CBD product you should ensure that the brand is properly testing for contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides in addition to THC like RESET does. Ensure that the brand is transparent with its test results (called a COA) for its CBD oil. If their report is hard to find, it’s likely there’s a reason they don’t want you to see it.

What are RESET Water-Based Broad Spectrum CBD drops?

Water-based Broad Spectrum CBD drops are an innovative new way to take CBD and the other great cannabinoids that naturally come with Broad Spectrum CBD. RESET Bioscience powers hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD with pharmaceutical technology to encapsulate tiny particles of Broad Spectrum oil into a  water-soluble formula designed to be ideal for your water-based body! Traditional oils don’t account for the poor solubility of hydrophobic CBD in the human body, and as a result, less CBD can be absorbed by your body. RESET Foundation water-soluble Broad Spectrum CBD, on the other hand, provides greater bioavailability, ensuring you feel all the power of cannabinoids! When they can all act together as a team it’s called the entourage effect! 

In addition, RESET double tests our hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD to ensure our water-based drops are THC-free* and contain no pesticides and no heavy metals. Making sure your Broad Spectrum CBD is properly tested from the raw plant to finished product to be THC-free* is incredibly important because it’s tricky that this oil contains other cannabinoids and you certainly don’t want THC being one of them. 

Choosing the Right Broad Spectrum CBD for you!

  1. Choose your bioavailability: Your body can only absorb about 5-20% of the CBD and other cannabinoids listed on the label in a regular ‘Broad Spectrum CBD Oil’. In fact, if you’re taking a 50 mg dose, that could mean that you might only be absorbing 2.5 mg of CBD! When you’re looking for relief, oils may not cut it for you, whereas that same dose of RESET water-based Broad Spectrum CBD gives you up to 80% absorption allowing you to actually feel the effects of 4X more CBD without having to take any extra doses!!
  2. Read the label of your Broad Spectrum CBD oil carefully, as some still contain THC! RESET Bioscience products are all hemp-derived and double-tested to be THC-Free*.
  3. Since labels aren’t always transparent-- look for a laboratory report that shows the product has been tested by a trustworthy laboratory for pesticides, heavy metals, and other potentially harmful contaminants.
  4. Choose your favorite cannabinoid combinations: While broad-spectrum CBD oils and water-based drops contain mostly CBD, different broad spectrums may contain different cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and more! The cannabinoids will work together to give you the relief you want and need! The RESET cannabinoid entourage in Foundation is your best new friend group!