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Wake Up Well

The days are getting longer, and with that comes later schedules. All those errands you’ve been putting off because the sun’s gone down once you leave the office can go back on the calendar, and as the days are heating up, friends and family are starting to plan start-of-summer barbecues. While the fun in the sun can go on later than usual, that means you might be getting less sleep than usual. RESET Bioscience wants to help you wake up ready for the day, no matter how late you went to bed. 

A Quick Commute Boost

Returning to the office is bringing back traffic. Traffic is bringing back the longer commute, and according to a British government study, commutes longer than an hour leaves people feeling less than well-rested when they reach their destination. So on days when you’re running a little behind and the Starbucks drive-thru line is just too long, let RESET help you out. Our 2 oz Energy Shot offers you a quick, but long-lasting pick-me-up and doesn't have the jittery side effects that a cup of coffee leaves you with because it’s caffeine-free!

Instead of drinking another sugar-filled energy drink, RESET Energy Shots offer highly bioavailable vitamins and functional ingredients, such as Methyl B12, Nicotinamide, L-Tyrosine, and Vitamin B6, so you can feel good about the shot you’re taking. RESET Energy Shots contain no added sugars versus the typical energy drink containing 20+ grams of sugar. That’s a big difference if you’re looking for a healthy, happy summer! Plus, with its amazing Green Apple flavor, you’ll be starting your day with some delicious energy, keeping you alert during your commute - whether it’s across town or across your apartment. 

Wake Up and Feel Refreshed

Water is one of the most important mainstays of a healthy and balanced diet - so why are so many people almost always dehydrated? Only 4 percent of a survey of 300 general practitioners believed that their patients knew how to hydrate properly and recently, the Natural Hydration Council did a study that showed that 1 in 10 consultations for fatigue could be traced back to dehydration. The solution seems obvious, right? Just drink more water. Why wouldn’t we? Hydration helps maintain energy levels and keep our muscles energized, but staying hydrated also keeps your brain clear and keeps you focused. 

But we all know that when we get busy or when you are inevitably running late (or is that just me?) you don’t have time to stop everything to drink a full glass of water to get your day going. But don’t worry, RESET thought of that too. 

RESET’s new Hydration Shot offers a quick sip of bioavailable Electrolytes, Nicotinamide, Phosphatidylcholine, Acacia Fiber, and Zinc all in a delicious salted watermelon flavor. It’s only 2 ounces so you can bring your new favorite addition to your daily routine wherever you’re going! Electrolytes help you retain the water you drink throughout the day (or night), so replenish better and more efficiently with RESET Hydration Shots that come in packs of 15, meaning 15 days of better Hydration for a better you. 

Your Early Morning Workout Buddy

Do you start your day off with a run? Or maybe a quick yoga Youtube video? Those early morning workouts might actually help more than burning some calories before you clock in. According to Jasmin Theard, an exercise physiologist, working out in the morning helps establish a healthier mindset that will carry throughout the day. You’ll find yourself reaching for healthier snack options and making conscious eating choices. On top of that, exercise, in general, leads to the release of neurotransmitters in your brain that helps promote a clear mind and an improved attention span. So that quick jog in the morning helps you stay alert during your all-hands meeting!

After your workout, you can reach for a bottle of RESET Function CBG which helps support athletic recovery so you can be ready to go out the door faster. Part of our premium cannabinoid line, RESET Function CBG comes in a pick-me-up Bright Citrus flavor, which is a delicious addition to your workout beverage of choice. And because of its optimal absorption through Powered by Sante® technology, you don’t need to take a lot and it’ll absorb quickly!

With our full list of products, RESET Bioscience can make sure that you’re on top of your game whether you’re just starting the day or winding down watching the sunset. Check out our full line of Wellness Shots and our RESET Ritual Packs to find new favorite additions to any part of your daily wellness routine.