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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For All The Mom’s In Your Life

Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you blink and there’s only a week until a major holiday. If you’re still searching the internet for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, we’ve got you covered. Check out our ideas that any mom will love!

The Travelling Mom:

Travelling was one of 2020’s worst casualties. Vacation plans were put on hold and new bathing suits and suitcases gathered dust in our closets while we all stayed home. If your globetrotting mother is missing those summer trips and the frozen cocktails with tiny umbrellas that come with it, bring the vacation feel to her! Grab a cute beach bag and beach towel set for the future trip she’s planning, a recipe full of those tropical cocktails, and a bottle of RESET Balance CBD, which comes in unflavored and Fresh Mint flavors. We know she’ll love RESET Balance because not only is it small and compact but she can also keep her worries away and enjoy her newfound vacay! And you’ll feel great giving her high quality CBD that’s been double tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and more! 

The Active Mom: 

For all those moms who love working out and are missing the gym. You know the one-- the mom that’s having a hard time getting a full workout done at home and is seriously considering getting a Peloton bike. If a Peloton bike isn’t exactly feasible, grab her some home workout equipment kits or a cute new pair of workout pants and our RESET Function CBG to add to her pre, during, and post-workout water! Since RESET Function CBG is water based, not an oil, it’ll easily mix into her water or post-workout smoothie! Plus, it’s great for helping with athletic recovery to keep your mom going.  Add a little more brightness to your mom's life (as if you haven’t already) with a yummy Bright Citrus flavor. Why are RESET products a better choice for your favorite lady? It’s easy, because RESET products are double tested and they actually absorb! Proven to absorb up to 80% of the cannabinoids, where oils only give you 5-20%, so she’ll thank you later. 

The New Mom: 

Any mother dealing with the late-night baby monitor alarms, teething, and other general exhaustion that comes with being a new parent would say the same thing when asked what they want for Mother’s Day: A night of peace and quiet. Plus, the chance to sleep through the night. Now you definitely can’t wrap that. But what you can wrap is our RESET Restore CBN - which recently won a Men’s Health Magazine CBD award for being the fastest acting, as voted on by actual users! - to add to her favorite evening beverage, or to take when she’s trying to fall back asleep after changing another late-night diaper. Our fast-absorbing formula means that she’ll feel RESET Restore CBN’s effects quicker so she can catch some ZZZs before the kiddo wakes up! Pair that with an at-home spa kit with slippers and a bath bomb, and you might just make her year. 

The Busy Mom: 

All the working mom’s out there are feeling the stress, especially if they’re having to play teacher at the same time with online school. If the mother in your life is trying to balance work, home, socializing, and raising the family, grab them one of our RESET Foundation Broad Spectrum water based formulas to help curb the effects of her stressful days. RESET Foundation is great for a quick mood boost throughout her day. Plus, you can feel great gifting it to her because it’s been double tested to ensure that the products are THC-Free*, dairy, gluten, and soy free too! Pair it with a journal to write down her to-do lists or a travel mug for those mornings where sitting at the kitchen table and taking her time isn’t an option. 

The Supermom: 

Have a mom that just does it all? Can’t find that perfect gift to show how much you appreciate her? Feel like your mom doesn’t fit in any of the boxes above? There’s no going wrong with a bouquet of flowers and our RESET Ritual Pack which has all three of our RESET Function CBG, RESET Balance CBD Unflavored, and RESET Restore CBN isolates so your mom can mix and match a little bit of everything to see what she loves best! RESET her Ritual and give her the gift of next generation CBD, that’s powered by pharmaceutical delivery technology. RESET products are the present that Mom’s been dying for-- with a little bit of athletic recovery, mind & body balance, and some more relaxation. We both know she deserves it. 

Top any of these combinations off with the best card on the aisle and you’re set to have the best Mother’s Day gift that she could ask for! And while you’re poking around our website, grab some RESET for yourself so the two of you can compare your favorites.

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