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RESETting Your Body Clock During Daylight Savings


There are some shining benefits to Daylight Saving Time. An extra hour of daylight gives those commuting after work a bit of extra sunshine, and with the sun out longer and the weather warming up, that means you can catch some end of day rays instead of Netflix and chilling in the dark. But did you know that there has been research showing that turning back the clocks may be affecting your health? The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has cited long- and short-term health risks caused by Daylight Savings, which include metabolic syndromes and cardiovascular disease. Apart from the health risks, research has documented effects on your circadian rhythm can create the same effects as jet lag on the body. Legislation has been passed through the United States Senate to get rid of the dreaded spring and fall time changes, but until then – how can you combat the effects DST has on your body? Keep reading and see what works best for you!


Consistency is Key

Did you know the time change can affect your sleeping patterns for up to seven days? To combat this, and to make sure you get a full night’s sleep, it’s important to keep your routine consistent. The closer you stick to a routine, the faster your body will adjust to the time change! Stick to your regular dinner time and add extra protein rich foods to your plate to help support a good night’s rest.


Start Your Day Naturally

Having less daily sunlight can affect mood and energy levels, not just your internal clock. So, if your schedule permits give yourself some time in the morning to go outside and let the sun help wake you up naturally. Fifteen minutes of sunlight while you have your morning Brain Health Wellness Shot could help prime your brain for the day ahead and adjust your circadian rhythm faster. Plus, the zing of the Juicy Pineapple flavor will be sure to have you shining too. According to Dr. Michael Awad, even sitting by the window while you get ready for the day can help keep your schedule on track even when DST has begun. Avoiding looking at your cellphone or other electronics right away can also help with wakefulness – as the blue light from smart devices has been known to lead to fatigue.


Give Yourself a Natural Boost

This might sound counterproductive, but sometimes all you need is a nap. If this DST has caused more sleepless hours than restful ones, consider taking a quick nap after your trip to the gym or your commute home. Keep it short though – no more than 20 minutes, to help catch up on hours you missed. If nothing is working, and Daylight Savings Time is keeping you down (on the couch), reach for a caffeine-free Energy Wellness Shot, which gives you a boost of B Vitamins, so that means no jitters!