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RESET Your Mindset: How to Battle Your Stress

Life has always been stressful, but I think it’s safe to say that nothing has compared to the stress brought on by the year 2020. Between balancing working, living, and socializing through your computer at home, and everything on the news in general, we haven’t had the chance to breathe. But with a new year and summer on its way, maybe this is the time to RESET your routine. With April being stress awareness month, there’s no better time to discuss battling stress. The weather is beautiful and there’s no time to worry about that project due date coming up or your piling laundry. So let’s take a look at seven of our favorite ways to destress to inspire your new ritual!


A pretty standard piece of advice, but a good one. Stress makes me fidget and before I can stop myself I’m pacing behind my desk, trying to sort thoughts into the right order to get anything done. Sometimes frustration gets in the mix and you have to just get up and be away from whatever you’re working on. And adding a dropper (or two!) of our RESET Function CBG to a bottle of water, grabbing your sneakers, and going for a workout is a pretty good way to getaway. Now if you’re picturing a sweaty gym with out-of-order workout machines, you’re probably saying “that just seems more stressful” or “I can’t just drop everything and go to the gym!” Don’t worry. I’ve thought of that. Sometimes all it takes is a walk around the block with your favorite playlist turned up, or even using that same playlist and dancing the stress away in your living room can help. Whatever your preference, shake off the stress jitters and burn some calories while you’re at it! Plus you can power yourself with water-based cannabinoids to help with your athletic recovery.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Or read your favorite book. This one is my personal favorite. Plus, you can reread them or listen to the audiobook while you’re doing other things - like exercising - and can’t grab the book. With so many streaming services cropping up, rewatching old favorites has become extremely easy. But so has watching new content. Having so many titles at your fingertips could also beg the question: why are you watching The Office for the ninth time when you can watch a new series that just dropped on Netflix? There’s a scientific answer to that question.

According to Neel Burton, who wrote the book Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions, we rewatch to feel comfort. Nostalgia acts as a source of relief that you can turn to whenever you need it. It also helps you escape your current life and puts you in the emotions you were feeling the first time you watched the movie or TV show you go to. Research has shown that nostalgia also can increase optimism in a person. By promoting optimism, nostalgia can help you deal with things like stress, loneliness, and anxiety. So rewatch Friends for the thirteenth time. You deserve it.

Organize Your Space

It’s hard to write a list about fighting stress without acknowledging a lot of stress comes from our jobs. Especially now, when many people’s homes have turned into their offices as well. Work stress can combine with at-home stress without the physical barrier of going to an office to help you compartmentalize. The best way to eliminate some of your stress from work before it even arrives is to organize. Try to find a spot at home that becomes your workspace - and no matter how enticing it may be, don’t pick your bed. If you don’t have a designated room that can be your office, choose a desk or work at your dinner table. If you can, leave your work stuff in that area, or find a spot for everything during non-work hours. If you’re going into the office keep your work bag by your workstation at home so if you ever need to finish a project when you get home you can just grab your bag. Everything will be right there.

Once you have your physical space set up, move on to your calendar. Time Blocking can be helpful for some. If you have a lot of things going on at once, block off certain hours to focus on one at a time. One hour for answering emails, two hours to finish that one report, and another hour to follow up with your team. Everything feels less overwhelming when you have time dedicated to nothing else but that one task. If one of those tasks is a presentation that you’ve been worrying about - drop some of our RESET Balance CBD into your water or take it alone under your tongue for a quick mood booster!

So you’ve organized your physical space and your calendar space. Now it’s time for arguably my favorite thing in the world: the to-do list. I love a good to-do list, I put everything on my to-do list, even ‘drink coffee’, because even getting the littlest thing done is a win for the day. I find writing down everything I need to do in a to-do list not only helps keep track of everything but acts as the jumping-off point to planning out your day. Plus has anything ever felt more satisfying than being able to cross something off your list? You can find plenty of phone apps that you can use for to-do lists, but you may prefer the pen and paper method.

Turn off the Screen

We’re talking a lot about mental stress, but something we mentioned yet is physical stress. With work going almost completely online, and many of our social outings becoming zoom meetings, we’re falling into the norm of being in front of a screen almost all day. Not only can the blue light from our screens cause damage to your eyes and cause headaches, but it also suppresses your body’s ability to release melatonin, making it harder for you to fall asleep. Less sleep leads to changes in your mood, like increased stress and anxiety. Blue light glasses not doing it? Try some RESET Restore CBN for better relaxation to get you in the mood for a great night’s rest.

To help battle the physical stress caused by blue light in your life, loads of folks are investing in a pair of blue light glasses and screen protectors. Those can lower your physical response to exposure to blue light when you’re working. But if you have to get up and walk away for a minute, let your creative mind take hold for a little bit. Grab a journal and write down what you're feeling to at least get them out of your head. Oftentimes, just the act of getting your thoughts out - whether you’re saying them to someone else, to yourself, or just writing them down - can be a massive help when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Or if you need to fully ignore whatever is stressing you out, go find an adult coloring book - or a kid’s coloring book, we’re not judging - and some colored pencils. Plus with the addition of an upbeat playlist, you’re all set for a creative and stress-free environment!

Especially if you spend your days working in an extremely technical field, taking this break to do a mindless but creative task like coloring or even sketching out your original piece of art, it can positively clear your mind. If work isn’t what’s bugging you when you’re looking at your computer or your phone - it’s time for my next tip.

Walk Away From Social Media

I love social media. I have every app and have a rotation of checking them daily, but even I can admit that a lot of the time all the apps can be extremely overwhelming. Reading the news, then scrolling down and reading everyone’s opinions on the news? Seeing your friends post their perfect shot moments online when your life feels less than perfect? Stressful. Disconnecting from social media, even for a few hours a day, can not only relieve some stress but can also free up a lot of time. I can’t be the only one that’s scrolled through Tik Tok and then realized it’s been six hours.

But that’s easier said than done. Unlocking your phone to check your email can lead to a side quest of checking out whatever post your mom shared on Facebook, then scrolling through the top trending topics on Twitter. So sometimes you have to call in reinforcements. Try out an app blocker. Newer iPhones have a built-in system where you can pick how long you’re allowed on particular apps during a day. But other apps will cross into some web browsers as well so you’re not tempted when you’re on your laptop. A personal favorite is called Forest, where you have a tree that grows as long as you’re avoiding the websites you choose to block. Not only would you be keeping yourself away from unnecessary stress - you’re also giving yourself more productivity time. It’s a win-win situation.

Take a Nap

Finally, the simplest piece of advice I could give. Sleep it off. Stress takes so much emotional energy from you, what better way to silence your racing thoughts and recharge than to turn off your brain? Give yourself even a half-hour to process everything going on in your life and how to tackle your next obstacle. Now, maybe a nap isn’t your speed. Or maybe you’re at the office and can’t nap because you’re ten minutes away from the biggest presentation of the quarter. Turning off your brain is still possible. When you can’t nap, my best advice is to grab your headphones, sit somewhere quiet and find a guided meditation on YouTube.

Sometimes our stress doesn’t even make an appearance until we’re ready to fully shut off for the evening. We all do it-- stressing while in bed about tomorrow. When stress tries to sneak up on you like that, try and get ahead of the game. Add some of our relaxing RESET Restore CBN to your favorite end of evening drink - or even take it on its own - and try out another guided meditation, or stretch before you go to sleep and get ready to take on the next day.

No matter how much I want to, I can’t promise you a stress-free life. But if you try any of these ideas, or maybe just add our RESET products to your stress relief routine, maybe we can find a way to make the stress less unbearable. Now let’s go out there and enjoy the summer!

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