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RESET’s Gone All Natural!

At RESET Bioscience, our R&D team is always working hard to innovate not just our delivery technology, but better-for-you ingredients too. So our R&D team went back to the lab with a new challenge– how can we make RESET even better? Well, there wasn’t mush-room for improvement but…

As we learn more about better ingredients that bring more amazing benefits, we upgrade our formulas so you get the best product on the market. We’re extremely proud to roll out a brand new, all-natural, preservative system to our entire catalog of bioavailable products! Introducing: an even cleaner label.

What is the New Preservative System?

As a brand that actively seeks out the cleanest labels, we turned to a preservative system that comes from the stems of White Button mushrooms. Not only are they great on pizza, but using a preservative system made out of White Button mushrooms also continues our commitment to bring natural, plant-based (and now fungi-based) products to consumers. Isolated through an eco-friendly method, our new mushroom-based preservative system isn’t only all-natural, it’s also vegan! 

How Does it Change my Favorite RESET Product?

In short - it doesn’t! 

Our brand new preservative system keeps our products fresh for their entire 12-month shelf life so that your faves are preserved for a consistent dose even months later. Your daily doses of RESET Restore CBN won’t lose its blueberry flavor, and RESET Balance CBD Fresh Mint won’t be overwhelmed by a mushroom flavor, because the natural mushroom extract is flavorless.  It also doesn’t change our products' water-miscible delivery technology. You can still add some RESET Function CBG to your water before your morning run and it will easily disperse. RESET Products will still mix well in any beverage and it will absorb faster than other CBD products. Plus, with better, faster absorption, you can take less to feel more.

Ready to put the new formulas to the test?  Check out our brand new cannabinoid-free Wellness Shot line, Pet CBD, or stick with a classic with our RESET Ritual Pack!