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RESET Bioscience Featured in Men's Health

It’s award season, and actors aren’t the only ones walking virtual red carpets this year. RESET Bioscience was awarded in The Men’s Health Magazine’s 2021 CBD awards. Winners were chosen after months of rigorous testing, researching, and reviewing hundreds of cannabinoid products. The editors at Men’s Health gave RESET Restore CBN the award for ‘Fastest Acting’ for our cannabinol formulation last week! A lesser-known cannabinoid, CBN hasn’t gotten the screen time it deserves and we’re out to change that. Keep reading to learn more about cannabinol (CBN) and what potential benefits you may have been missing out on! 

What Exactly is CBN?

CBN is short for cannabinol, which is a cannabinoid developed in the hemp plant later in the plant’s life. Because it develops later in the plant’s life cycle, CBN brings along new potential benefits and influences your endocannabinoid system differently than CBD. Studies have shown that cannabinol may have anticonvulsant properties and potentially help with athletic recovery similar to CBD and CBG, other cannabinoids you may have heard of. Anticonvulsants are sometimes prescribed to those with chronic migraines or those with epilepsy. CBN has not been noted as an approved or recommended treatment of these illnesses by the FDA and you should always consult your doctors about starting a new supplement regimen.  

Researchers also saw that CBN could work as a potential appetite stimulant in a single rat study which means that there is more room for additional research. Steep Hill Labs did an analysis and found that 5 mg of CBN works similarly to 10 mg of diazepam, which is a widely known pharmaceutical sleep aid. CBN’s potency means that it could be taken in smaller doses than diazepam. 

CBN has not been researched as rigorously as other cannabinoids, but as hemp and cannabis plants are recognized to their fullest potential, researchers will reveal the full span of CBN’s effects on your body.

What Makes RESET So Different?

Anyone who’s tried CBD oils can tell you that it takes a lot to feel a little. If you’ve ever wondered why the answer is simple. It’s the fact that it’s an oil and you are made of water. Traditional CBD oils don’t take into consideration the fact that CBD is hydrophobic. Due to the hydrophobic nature, CBD is absorbed less in the body when taken through an oil. Your body has to take that oil into your liver to process it and by the time it does that, the CBD you took has been through the wringer in your digestive system. To solve for the fact that you can only absorb 5-20% of the cannabinoid content of an oil-- RESET Bioscience came to help.

This is why RESET Bioscience products are all water-based, meaning that our products have a higher absorption rate within your body.  Take less but feel more with RESET Bioscience products which allow you to absorb up to 80% of the cannabinoid content-- that’s four times more than a standard CBD oil!

We created RESET Restore CBN so that you can enjoy the benefits of absorbing more cannabinoids than any other product in the market today. The great blueberry takes away any of the grassy taste you might want to avoid from your other oils, making it great to take on its own or added to your favorite bedtime beverage. With the added recommendation of Men’s Health, we know that RESET Restore CBN will be your favorite wellness product before too long. 

Ready to see what everyone is raving about for yourself? Order your RESET Restore now!

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