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Perfect Gifts to RESET Their Wellness Routine!

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better gift to give your friends and family than the gift of wellness. With our new line of Wellness Shots and our flagship THC-Free* Cannabinoid line, we’ve got you covered for everyone in your life! To sweeten the deal, we’ve got a Black Friday offer that you don’t have to camp out for. Starting on Wednesday, November 24th we’re offering 30% off everything on our site with code BLACKFRIDAY at check out so you can check everyone off your list all at once. 

A little stuck on ideas?  

Check out our pairing ideas below and get ready to wow your family and friends!

The Sports Star

If you have a future Olympian in your family, ditch the usual workout clothes and get them something the benefit of a boost of wellness that keeps on giving. Grab a set of our RESET Hydration Shots so everyone on the team can help themselves to ingredients like Electrolytes, Nicotinamide, Phosphatidylcholine, Acacia, and Zinc to help them stay hydrated right after practice or a game. Plus they taste amazing. Add in a bottle of our RESET Function CBG so they can add a boost to their water bottle during practice and help support their post-workout recovery. With our Function CBG’s water-based formula, it mixes great with water and other sports drinks, plus you have to take less than other oils to feel the same!

The Jetsetter

For those in your life who have been feeling antsy to travel again or have a big trip planned, grab them a set of our RESET Immunity Shots! Help keep them going while traveling around the world with highly bioavailable ingredients like Vitamin D3, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium. They won’t have to mix anything, just open the top and take the shot, so no airplane tray messes! And for those going across time zones, or just can’t sleep on airplanes, grab them a bottle of our RESET Restore CBN. Our formula was a NEXTY Award Finalist for “Best new CBD/Hemp Product” and the winner of the Men’s Health ‘Fastest Acting” award so you know it’s going to help with those Zzzs. The Blueberry Dream Flavor makes it perfect for them to just take alone or in their airline water for some fast relaxation before a long flight!

The Late Night Studier

The past few years have been hard for students around the world. Going from all online to hybrid classes - even some having to transition from high school to college during that time. Help out the student in your life with the gift of focus with our Balance CBD. Your favorite scholar will dominate their class with our water-based CBD, optimized for quick absorption, so they can focus on studying just a bit longer. The best part? Our Balance CBD comes in Unflavored Drink Drops or Fresh Mint Flavor, so they can mix a little Balance into anything! For the more difficult days, your late-night studier can power through with a set of our RESET Brain Health Shots by their side, which has brain-boosting ingredients such as Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine, Methyl B12, and MCT. Not only will this shot clear up any foggy brains, but these ingredients may also support long-term brain health. 

And, if the student in your life also happens to be a procrastinator - and finds themselves studying into the late hours, grab a RESET Energy Shot Pack to give them an extra boost of energy without the jittery after-effects of caffeine! 

The Trendsetter

For the beauty guru in your life - don’t just settle for a gift card they may or may not use or the same holiday makeup palette everyone is going to get them. Get them the gift of a beautiful complexion (from the inside, out)! Our RESET Beauty Wellness Shot features beautifying ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Phosphatidylcholine to keep your skin hydrated and give the glowing complexion that you might be missing in the colder months. Pair our Beauty Shot with the world’s first water-based broad-spectrum CBD. Our Foundation Broad Spectrum CBD gives you all the benefits of your favorite cannabinoids without the THC, so you can drop some in water and go about your day at work with a little less worry on your mind! The water-miscible nature of the product makes it one of the only products on the market to mix fully into water without needing a frother! 

The One That’s Hard To Shop For

We all have someone in our life that is notoriously difficult to shop for. Either they shrug when you ask what they want, or when they do have a list, they’re quick to purchase their wishlist for themselves. To impress the seemingly unimpressible, send them a little bit of everything. Our RESET Ritual pack is there to give them a THC-Free* boost to your day. Helping increase focus, relaxation, and digestive health, it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Add that to our Wellness Shot Sample Pack,  which has one of each of our Wellness Shots so they can find their new favorite way to get delicious wellness benefits in one sip! 

Want to wow them? Grab the 15 count Variety Pack so they can share their favorites with friends and family! 

Not sure where your loved ones would fit in? Want to grab some products for yourself? Check out our product pages and mix and match the perfect gift! Don’t forget the sale runs from November 24th through November 29th -- use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 30% off sitewide! Get all your holiday shopping done in one place, and get ready to be everyone’s favorite Secret Santa!