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Peace of Mind, Naturally

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 264 million people around the world are living with anxiety. And this isn’t just a matter of worry, fear of public speaking, or nerves when you have to interact with strangers—chronic anxiety can mean uncontrollable feelings of fear and panic when there’s nothing to be afraid of, and it can interfere with a person’s everyday life.

None of that is to say that basic, midterm-related worry, first-day jitters, or workday stress aren’t challenging enough to deal with. The basic stress of living in the world we live in can be a major source of anxiety. In a recent poll by the American Psychiatric Association, nearly 40 percent of respondents reported that they’re more anxious now than they were at this time last year. Some of the biggest sources of anxiety were keeping themselves and their families safe, maintaining their health, and paying bills and expenses.

A CareerCast report ranked firefighters, police officers, enlisted military personnel, and airline pilots as the most stressful jobs in America—jobs that rely on people to be at the top of their game, not anxious and sleep-deprived. Healthcare workers literally hold lives in their hands. Employees face meetings, deadlines, difficult projects, difficult clients, difficult coworkers—and then go back to face it all again the next day. And even people who just get anxious in social situations deserve a little peace of mind.

CBD (cannabidiol, a compound isolated from the hemp plant) in naturally derived and technologically advanced products like RESET Balance might be able to help you find peace of mind naturally.

How Anxiety Works

At its most basic, anxiety causes the autonomic nervous system to respond to a threat that isn’t actually there. Nervousness, tension, and jitters. An impending sense of doom. Physical reactions—racing heart, rapid breath, shaking, sweating. Gastrointestinal… issues. The body preparing for fight or flight, despite the absence of anything to fight or fly away from. These symptoms can be caused by a phobia, social anxiety, separation anxiety, or PTSD, but they can also come from regular, situational stress.

The immediate symptoms of anxiety aren’t the only things to worry about; chronic anxiety can have lasting effects on your physical health. The body’s overreaction to that crying baby or that very sick patient causes the nervous system to release stress hormones like cortisol. This can increase blood sugar and fats the body would need for fuel if it were fighting off a rampaging bear. But in the absence of said bear, the fuel and cortisol just hang around the body and can lead to serious consequences. Digestive problems, short-term memory loss, muscle tension, a weakened immune system, coronary artery disease, and even heart attacks can be the result of chronic anxiety.

Even if you aren’t experiencing those health effects—or, even worse, if you are—anxiety can have an effect on your everyday life. Workplace anxiety affects 40 million Americans, and research from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America shows that it has an impact on performance. Missed deadlines, employee turnover, and a bad company image are both a cause and a result of anxiety in the workplace. Essentially, work stress can lead to poor performance, which can be a source of work stress, which can become a nasty cycle if not addressed.

Addressing It

Anxiety, whether chronic or situational, isn’t a guaranteed sentence to poor performance, family stress, personal isolation, or unhappiness. The causes and physical symptoms of anxiety can be managed safely and efficiently. Happiness is possible.

Lots of people with anxiety disorders seek medical help (as is perfectly reasonable) and take anti-anxiety medications (as is also perfectly reasonable)—SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and benzodiazepines are common choices. But those meds aren’t for everyone, and some people do suffer from unpleasant side effects. CBD could possibly help soothe anxiety without the usual side effects of conventional pharmaceutical options.

CBD is a (non-intoxicating) derivative of the cannabis plant that works with the endocannabinoid system, which helps to regulate physical processes ranging from pain perception to bone density to hunger response. By inserting itself into the system, CBD might influence the physiological effects of anxiety.

To be clear: If you’re seeing a medical professional and/or taking medication for your anxiety, you should talk with your doctor before adding CBD to your regimen.

The Science Behind CBD

CBD doesn’t calm you down by getting you high—it likely works directly on receptors in your brain that affect serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps manage your mood (among other biological systems), reducing depression and regulating anxiety. It also helps regulate sleep and waking; low levels of serotonin have been linked to insomnia. By activating your brain’s serotonin receptor, CBD could affect anxiety, sleep, and mood.

Studies have backed this up. A study in 2010 suggested that CBD could help people with social anxiety disorder, changing blood flow to the regions of the brain associated with feelings of anxiety. It wasn’t just associated with better feelings—the individuals’ brains physically changed how they reacted to anxiety. In a 2011 study, CBD was associated with a reduction in physiological anxiety symptoms related to public speaking, and a case study in 2016 described how the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder changed over time in a child who’d been affected by trauma after starting a course of CBD.

A 2015 review of research studies in the journal Neurotherapeutics postulated that CBD might have potential as a therapy for generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and PTSD. Not bad for a compound that started its life as hemp.

RESET Balance

RESET Balance delivers CBD the way it’s meant to be delivered. RESET Balance looks like a CBD oil, but it actually isn’t—it’s pharmaceutical technology at work, tiny particles of CBD are protected to survive your digestive system. Since your body is water— water based CBD drops absorb much more efficiently into your body thanks to the enhanced bioavailability, meaning you get peace of mind about the CBD not going to waste.

Scientists in RESET’s GMP lab have worked hard to develop a process to get our pure, THC-Free*CBD where it needs to go, and RESET has voluntarily submitted to rigorous testing to make sure we’re getting it right.

With the help of RESET Balance’s hemp-derived, pharmaceutical technology-based CBD, you can find peace of mind while taking the best CBD on the market.


DISCLAIMER: CBD is not currently an FDA-approved treatment for anxiety or other mental health problems. RESET Balance is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or disorder.