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Men's Health Awards Recognizes RESET Bioscience in Men's Health CBD Awards

Men's Health awarded RESET Balance CBD Drink Drops the "Best Drink Mixer" Award for their 2022 Men's Health CBD Awards. 

After testing 200+ products, they selected only 30 products to win their 30 categories. On RESET Balance CBD Drink Drops, the editors at Men's Health stated, "Too many CBD drinks come packed with empty calories and weird flavors. These unflavored drops are water-based, which means your body can absorb them quicker and the effects come on faster."

RESET Balance CBD Drink Drops is the world’s first water-based CBD beverage additive designed for optimal absorption and proven to stay efficient in drinks without changes in texture or flavor. -- And don't worry about an oily mouthfeel. Simply add RESET to hot or cold beverages for a water-miscible dose of wellness to promote all day mind & body balance.

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