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Managing Sugar Intake During the Sweetest Time of Year

October marks what some might call the Sweetest Time of Year. Starting when bite-sized candy bars started showing up in offices and homes by the bag and moving into November with pie season. Now, as we turn toward weekends full of holiday parties with friends and family, it feels like sugar rushes are an unfortunate (but also fortunate) inevitability until we ring in 2023. Sometimes it feels easier to justify the donut shaped like Santa that your coworker brought in rather than the apple in your lunch bag because it's seasonal and won't be around for long. But those seasonal treats might bring something else besides joy.

High sugar intake has been known to trigger depression, according to studies performed by researchers from the University of Kansas. According to the research, reduced sunlight exposure during the winter throws off circadian rhythms leading to Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), and one of the more common characteristics of SAD is craving sugar, leading to a destructive cycle. You crave the sugar, you indulge in the sugar, but too much of it can lead to worsening mood and not-so-cheery wellness issues. 

So how do you combat the effects on your health without having to sacrifice arguably the best part of the holiday season? Some would say supplements, diet, and exercise. But often, supplements have added sugars of their own. Added sugars are used to help speed up the manufacturing process or to improve taste, though they're not needed to add delicious flavor. All RESET Bioscience products are free of added sugars and can help bolster your wellness routine with delicious doses of vitamins that can help you manage your sugar consumption this holiday season!

Everything in Moderation

The holidays are a season of happiness, and if the desserts or the lattes are calling your name, don't say no! Just make sure you're indulging in moderation; your liver goes into overdrive when trying to metabolize large amounts of sugar, which can have you feeling sluggish and tired - and with SAD in the picture, that could start the cycle over again. If you've hit a level of grogginess that keeps you from wanting to get up from the couch during the Home Alone movie marathon, grab a RESET Energy Shot for a quick, 2 oz dose of caffeine-free natural energy. The plant—based delivery technology supplies rapid absorption, while also feeding your body important nutrients like Vitamin B that will keep you energized for all the festivities.

If you're starting to feel the impacts of traveling, too many family members, and all the holiday party hopping on your body as you're heading home, a dropper of RESET Balance CBD in a glass of water can help you recover as well as keep your mind and body balanced before you have to spend your days wrapping gifts. But all that wear from the holidays doesn't just affect your body.

Sugar on the Mind

The tireless holiday schedule can directly affect your brain, possibly sending it into a state of depression. With the change of the season affecting up to 30 percent of the population, keeping your brain healthy could help keep spirits light as the evenings get darker earlier. RESET's Brain Health Wellness Shot offers a quick, on-the-go shot of brain-boosting ingredients like MCT. Not only will it help fight brain fog during the holiday season, but our formulation offers ingredients that support long-term brain health as well! A shot now might seem inconsequential but creating a routine could lead to stronger cognitive function. 

But how can you keep moderation in mind when your favorite coffee shop has such sugary drinks that are a part of so many holiday traditions? Instead of the latte, try adding holiday syrups to a cup of black coffee, which will get you the flavor without the excess sugars. Or even try to make your coffees at home with seasonal syrups that are for sale year-round online!

The Meals Between

We got you through the coffee line, but now you're arriving at the party. How can you prevent a sugar rush over dinner? Plan ahead! You might not know what will be for dinner, but you can assume that your aunt is bringing the same brownies she brings to every event, while your mom is hand baking the cookies that she only makes at Christmas. As you are taking in your options, think about what will be there for you year-round and what you'll be upset that you missed out on when the holidays have come and gone. Going into it knowing what treats you want to indulge in could help prevent the all-too-common problem with buffets: an overwhelming amount of options that lead to overloading your plate.

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that hunger and thirst cues feel the same? Often, people confuse thirst for hunger which often leads to overindulging, and it's so easy to forget that your body is craving water when the cocktails at an event look so much more enticing. Look for ways to not fall behind on water consumption with hydration boosters like RESET Hydration Wellness Shots that are small enough for your jacket pocket and are filled with highly bioavailable electrolytes. A quick shot before the party is all it takes to give you an added boost of hydration with added nutrients.

Don't Beat Yourself Up

We want you to have the jolliest holiday season ever, and overall, a few moments of indulgence won't ruin you. But with these tips and RESET Bioscience in your coat pocket to support you, you can keep your holiday extra bright.