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Liposomal CBD Oil: Is It The Best?

The hemp industry is growing at a supersonic rate, especially after the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized the sale of cannabis products. CBD oil has become a top recommendation for helping manage symptoms related to chronic pain, migraines, and skin conditions.

Even with the demonstrated positive effects,scientists have been looking for better ways to enhance CBD bioavailability, and they have an answer: liposomal CBD oil. So, what is liposomal CBD oil?  What is the best liposomal CBD oil?  

What are Liposomes?    

In order to understand liposomal CBD oil, it is important to step back and establish what liposomes are. The name “Liposome”is a combination of two terms; lipo (meaning fat) and soma (meaning body). They are minute vesicles made after the assembly of phospholipids in a favorite liquid medium.They are made in laboratories by altering the structure of phospholipids. Liposomes look like small protective bubbles and have been demonstrated to be very effective carriers for pharmaceutical products. Today, the hemp industry has joined the train and created liposomal CBD oil

Liposomal CBD oil helps to rapidly administer the main ingredients via the gastrointestinal tract with high efficiency. Further, they help to protect the CBD components from damage. 

Liposomal CBD Oil

One driver of the current development of liposomal CBD oil in the hemp industry is efficiency without compromising formulation. Another notion is that liposomal CBD oil is transported through the intestinal membrane to the specific area in a protected way. This is one of the main reasons why liposomes have become so popular in the supplement industry. 

CBD has been studied to be an efficient compound for delivery via liposomes. They ensure you get the highest amount into the body for every dose. Further, the CBD compounds are protected so that they do not get compromised until they reach the targeted area. 

Liposomal CBD Oil Boosts Bioavailability 

Today, the common methods of CBD delivery into the body are oral, sublingual and topical applications. However, they come with serious limitations. CBD oil, like any oil, is also hydrophobic. This is what makes using CBD oil alone to be less efficient. Liposomal CBD oil was designed to help address this problem. Here is a closer look at the CBD absorption rate using common CBD and the optimized rates using liposomal CBD oil. 

  •     Topical bioavailability 

This is the direct application of CBD to the affected area. Here, CBD engages your body’s endocannabinoid system from the nervous system’s periphery. After applying on the skin, CBD directly engages the local receptors and does not get into your bloodstream. Some studies have found the absorption rate to be approximately 13.5%. 

  •     Oral bioavailability 

This method involves swallowing CBD to get the anticipated therapeutic effect. Using the oral application method, bioavailability rate is only about 6%. Most of the CBD compounds are broken down in the liver and digestive tract reducing the total amount available to your bloodstream. 

  •     Sublingual bioavailability 

This method involves placing CBD under the tongue so that it is absorbed into the bloodstream via the sublingual gland. This method helps to better support absorption of CBD compared to oral and topical applications. ·      Liposomal CBD oil bioavailability 

Liposomal CBD bioavailability is very high. Studies have reported up to 80% bioavailability. Because the molecules of the CBD are protected, they remain intact as they enter the bloodstream. 

When you take CBD, some of the anticipated therapeutic effects come from its interaction with endocannabinoid receptors, especially the CBA and CB2. Using liposomal CBD oil helps to enhance this availability in sufficient quantities to these receptors. 

Benefits of Liposomal CBD 

When you decide to use liposomal CBD, the primary goal is enhancing bioavailability. Here are additional benefits of using liposomal CBD.


  •     Can a liposomal delivery system increase bioavailability? 

Studies show that liposomal CBD oil may increase bioavailability up to 80% (through oral intake). One of the main reasons why people have been complaining of poor results after using CBD oil may be due to low bioavailability. For example, when the digestive tract breaks down CBD and leaves only about 6%, there is the possibility of not getting the anticipated effect. Liposomal CBD oil optimizes absorption and bioavailability, so that the majority of the CBD compounds can get to the targeted area. 

  •     Can you use less liposomal CBD to get the same results?

What quantity of CBD oil do you use to get results? When you shift to the best liposomal CBD oil, you may notice yourself using a smaller dose to get optimal results. It’s important to know that everyone metabolizes CBD differently and there’s a wide range of dosing used across conditions. It may take some testing to determine what the right amount is for your body, based on your personal goals. Contact your primary care physician for specific dosing information.  

Liposomal CBD Oil is the Future of the Hemp Industry

Although liposome technology has been used for several decades, it is relatively new in the hemp industry. The efficiency of liposomal CBD oil has made it the next big thing in the hemp industry. The demonstrated enhancement of liposomal CBD bioavailability is a game changer in the hemp industry!

As more people discover the benefits associated with liposomal CBD oil, the demand is expected to grow. For you, there is no need to wait: it is time to start using liposomal CBD oil..  

How to Identify the Best Liposomal CBD Oil Seller

Now that you know how liposomal CBD oil works and its associated benefits, one question still lingers: "How do you identify the best seller?" Here are the four main points to help you to identify the best liposomal CBD oil seller: 

  •     Checker for a seller with a positive reputation

In the hemp industry, most traders are in a race to optimize their returns. Therefore, you should be extra careful to work with a brand that is committed to customer value. For example, if the brand has been selling liposomal CBD oil, were the previous clients satisfied? If they were not, the chances are that the seller is not reputable. So, keep searching for a more reputable company.

  •     Only buy from a legitimate seller

Notably, every state today has its own rules and licensing procedures for businesses that operate in its jurisdiction. Therefore, you can only be sure of getting the best liposomal CBD oil if the seller is allowed to operate in your state. This is because the trader is required to adhere to all the laid down rules of operations strictly.

  •     Select liposomal CBD oil tested by third-party laboratories 

Another reliable method is by checking whether the trader subjects the hemp products to third-party testing. These are independent laboratories that help to check the content of CBD oil for bio-contaminants, solvents, and pesticides.  

  •     Customer support 

A good liposomal CBD oil seller should be ready to support clients to help them find necessary and educational information on CBD. This support should be available via the seller's website and other channels such as live chat, direct calls, and mail support.

Final Thoughts 

Liposomal CBD oil is changing the hemp industry by ensuring that users are assured of efficient bioavailability in their systems. Nanoliposomes are the tiny spherical particles found in natural hemp CBD, which are encapsulated inside liposomes during our proprietary process in a GMP lab. Since CBD is hydrophobic and does not naturally like entering the body, liposomal delivery system is the most efficient way to consume this natural ingredient. Nano-liposomes facilitate optimal absorption, which can be up to 80% more than traditional methods of consumption.