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Keep your Resolutions Going Strong with 2023's Wellness Trends

We're approaching the second weekend of 2023, and now might be a good time to do a resolution check. A study performed in the UK at the start of 2022 found that two-thirds of people give up on their resolutions before the end of the month and among the many reasons why was because they're too vague. Saying "I want to work out more this year" is fine, but without a more tangible plan besides "go to the gym", you may be left feeling overwhelmed and ready to give up before Valentine's Day.  

If you're feeling like you've bit off more than you can chew with your resolutions this year, consider going back and reevaluating. Take the overarching plan to work out more and find manageable goals within that plan to achieve within the year. A good place to start is to check out the Wellness Trends predicted for this year. We've collected some of this year's wellness trends to watch and showed how you can add them to your resolutions to make 2023 the year you achieve your goals! 


If You Want To: Develop A Workout Routine 

More than half of the participants in the UK study had resolutions surrounding health behaviors such as working out. New Year's is a great jumping off point to start making habits, but many find it hard to get out to the gym regularly due to schedule or insecurity of working out in public. Before the pandemic, getting fit without access to a gym or a personal trainer at a facility was almost impossible, but with the adjustments made due to social distancing measures, more people are dropping the expensive gym memberships in favor of one of the biggest wellness trends of 2023... 

Getting Out of the Gym 

Gyms are still open, and many times people flock to their neighborhood gym for the sense of community or work out equipment that is not easily stored at home. But for those who keep pushing back workouts for a time when they're not as busy or spend hours agonizing over what others might think when they see them, saying goodbye to the gym in 2023 might be the best option. With outdoor yoga classes, or online group workouts, the sense of community can still be there in a much more attainable style for newcomers to the workout scene. Health influencers are often sharing their favorite workout routines in videos that can be watched anywhere. And this kind of convenience can keep even the busiest people on track. In fact, often these virtual workouts done at your own pace can be combined with other tasks that you must do throughout the day. Tired from the long day at work? Struggling to muster any motivation to press play? Don’t make working out harder than it needs to be. Try out RESET Energy Shots—a caffeine-free energy alternative in a convenient 2 oz shot full of B-Vitamins.  

Low Impact Workouts 

2022 was the year of the Hot Girl Walk. Women all over the world were queuing up their favorite playlist and taking a stroll through their neighborhoods. The trend quickly grew expanded leaving people to realize that such a simple task that they can do for ten minutes a day, was yielding results. Oftentimes, workouts are framed as a painful task. High Intensity Interval Training - or HIIT - workouts were a big exercise trend back in 2020, and while they offered results, to a person on a brand-new workout journey, it could seem daunting. Workouts aren't meant to make you miserable and often people are scared away from their wellness journey because of high intensity trainers and exercises. There are a wide variety of exercises and physical movements that create endorphins, which boost energy levels and attitude, so it feels a little counterintuitive to force yourself to do exercises that make you miserable. CEO and co-founder of the ness, a dance-focused work out method, Colette Dong, told Forbes to expect "lower intensity movement continue to center the conversation" of 2023 workout routines. 

Movement Snacking 

No, this doesn't mean eating while you walk. Movement Snacking is a fancy term for breaking up a workout routine into short bursts. So, if you want to exercise, but your day looks too full to commit to an entire hour - break it up! No one ever said that the only way to work out was a full, uninterrupted hour of lifting weights or doing cardio. You can take your dog on an extra-long walk during your lunch break or do some squats while dinner is in the oven. Studies are even finding that "breaking up exercise regimens throughout the day can be more beneficial than one longer workout session", according to Aly Giampolo, co-founder, and method director at the ness. Giampolo continues to say that movement snacking can also "let you take advantage of the endorphin rush" that exercise gives you, ultimately helping you find joy in exercising and shifting mindsets about what a workout needs to be. 

Need a Boost? 

As you prepare for a new workout regime, don’t forget to take care of your body. RESET’s Balance CBD and Function CBG may aid in post-workout recovery, which is a critical piece in making sure you keep up with your workout routine. The best part about our RESET Drops is that they are made with our unique water-based formulation – which means you can take less to feel more, so a dropper in your water will have you ready for the next day’s workout ASAP. Need a quick hydration boost during your workouts? Hydration Wellness Shots provide a quick shot of hydration that won’t take up space in your gym bag packed with electrolytes to help keep you hydrated!  

If You Want To: Start a Healthier Diet 

Almost always coinciding with wanting to exercise more, eating healthier is another extremely popular new year’s resolution. But just like working out, there are so many different places to start with a new diet or even just making healthier choices that the options can be overwhelming. But by looking at what trendsetters have their eyes on this year, you may be able to find a foundation that works for you. 

Plant-Based Diets 

With over 550,000 monthly searches - and data trends only seeing that number rising - the term "vegan" seems to be a hot topic for the next year. And plant-based diets have health and environmental benefits. Plants are rich in nutrients that you need every day, and with products leaning toward the more natural end, it only makes sense that your diet may too. Now, we're not saying go full vegan immediately. Going cold turkey - pun intended - could lead to wanting to give up quickly. But consider changing out the milk in your latte for a plant-based alternative, or even introducing Meatless Mondays to your weekly meal plan. According to, some of the top trending foods of 2023 are non-dairy milks, alternative flours and digestive friendly sauces that are made without irritants. Looking to transition your wellness routine to toward plant-based? All RESET Bioscience’s products are powered by plant-derived delivery technology, so you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite highly bioavailable products.  

But what if we told you that it’s not just what you eat but when you eat that will change this year...  

Eating Earlier 

The early bird special isn't just for retirees anymore. We have already seen a shift in earlier dinner reservations during 2022, and Colette Dong, CEO and co-found of the ness, told Forbes that's going to become the norm as people become "more informed of the effects a late dinner has on their sleep recovery". Eating earlier gives your body more time to digest the food you had that night and throughout the day. Research performed by Medical Xpress has shown that eating within a 10-hour window can help manage hunger pangs and burn calories faster than those that eat later. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to start your sleep routine earlier so you can improve sleep hygiene and wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the next day. 


If You Want To: Focus on Mental Wellness 

Sometimes, when we're all focusing on our physical well-being, we often forget about how important our mental wellness is. For a long time, wellness was thought of as just fitness and diet, but now, after the past few years of social distancing and understanding mental health better, we generally recognize  the term encompasses all aspects of health: physical, mental, and emotional. And 2023's wellness trends are a great place to start to create better mental habits going into this year. 

Digital Detoxing 

Ever since the conception of mobile technology, we've been hearing about the pitfalls of the devices that we've begun to rely on. In today's tech driven world, there’s no way to avoid it in your life completely. Often, you're going from looking at one screen at work, to a different screen at home. And if watching your favorite sitcom after a long day is what makes you happy, who are we to tell you to stop that? But New Year, new you for 2023, maybe a little time away from your screens will be the way to go. According to WebMD, a digital detox is a period where you choose to limit or eliminate your use of digital devices. That can mean either deciding to log out of social media for the weekend or going out and buying an old school alarm clock, so your phone doesn't come into your bedroom. Even the smallest adjustment could lead to a better-balanced life going forward. During that time away from phones or social media, preoccupy yourself and get yourself lost in a new place. 

Wellness Traveling 

Traveling was a big topic in 2022. After not being able to get out of town, people were anxious to get up and go anywhere. 2023's prediction is that this trend isn’t going anywhere, it will just evolve. 2023 is set to have a particular type of travel on people's mind: wellness traveling. Any type of vacation is relaxing, but wellness travel is specifically about those yoga retreats on white sand beaches you see in commercials or hiking a mountain to take in the views and become one with nature. People are interested in visiting Costa Rica or Bali to meditate on the beaches at sunset or visit Shamans in Peru. But wellness travel doesn't just mean you have to cross international waters. Some wellness travelers opt to take a road trip down to Arizona, to visit holistic wellness retreats in the desert, or visit a spa in Utah. The destination isn't so much the goal, but the feeling of being refreshed and ready to take on the world that you feel when you return to your day-to-day. Find your zen with a dropper of RESET Foundation Broad Spectrum for a boost of calm during your stay. 


Take It One Step at a Time 

If you're struggling with your new year’s resolutions, the biggest thing to remember is that success is not linear. There will be ups and downs in your new wellness journey. As discouraging as the downs are, if you try some of these 2023 wellness trends and only find one thing that works for you, that's still a success.