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How Long Can Open Hemp Oil Last?

Hemp oil is becoming more popular as more countries relax the restriction on the use of different hemp products. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, more people are now buying CBD products to enjoy their associated benefits, to better support acute pain, skincare, and menstruation. Even with continued use, one question still lingers: “How long does hemp oil last?” 

How long can open hemp oil last? 

It depends on a number of factors. If stored correctly, an unopened bottle of hemp oil will have a standard shelf life of 1-2 years. Therefore, the oil should be able to last until the date of expiry indicated by the manufacturer. But some people still report their hemp oil going bad a short time after opening the bottle. Here are the main factors that determine how long your CBD oil will last after opening: 

  •    Contamination

If your hemp oil is contaminated, whether, during farming, processing, or after opening, it can easily go bad. For example, bacteria and fungi that find their way to the plant on the farm can continue breaking it down and shorten its lifespan after the oil is opened. This is why you are encouraged only to buy high-quality hemp oil sold by trusted brands or water based CBD products (like RESET Bioscience’s cannabinoid drops) that avoid this issue altogether. 

To reduce the risk of contamination after opening the hemp oil bottle, use it in a clean environment. Furthermore, you should ensure the pipette dropper does not come into contact with surfaces that could be contaminated.

Exposure to environmental conditions 

Once you open your hemp oil, exposure to environmental conditions could shorten its lifespan. The most detrimental environmental conditions are heat, air, and light. Heat and light have been demonstrated to degrade hemp oil, so products are typically packaged using dark glass bottles. To prevent degradation, manufacturers encourage consumers to store products in a cool, dry place.  

If air gets into your oil bottle, it is also likely to deteriorate your CBD faster. This is why good hemp product sellers ensure their products come in airtight containers. In the same manner, you should ensure that the bottle remains closed (most of the time) to reduce the amount of air getting in. 

  •    Presence of solvents 

If your hemp oil was extracted using organic solvents, the manufacturer is required to remove any unwanted solvents (otherwise they must be included on the label). However, some manufacturers who are not thorough are likely to leave traces of solvents on the oil. If present, the solvents can easily degrade and damage the oil. 

Can you make your hemp oil last longer? 

Is there a way to help hemp last longer? The answer is yes. We will now tell you four unique tips that can help to extend the lifespan of your hemp oil. 

  •    Buy from top-rated manufacturers. The journey to ensuring that your hemp oil lasts longer starts way before you place an order. You should do your homework and make sure to buy oil from top-rated manufacturers. These are companies that put customers ahead of the profits and should operate in line with the FDA's guidelines. Their products should be tested for their content as advertised and should be accompanied by comprehensive user guides and storage. 
  •    Only buy hemp oil extracted from quality hemp plants. If the hemp plant used to extract hemp oil is of high quality, you should also anticipate longer-lasting products. To increase production and meet growing demand, many farmers use agrochemicals to accelerate growth and pesticides to control pests. The best hemp oil and water based hemp products should be extracted from hemp grown naturally and devoid of chemical residues.
  •    Purchase in Moderation. The hemp industry is growing at a rapid pace, so you will not have to worry about not getting regular supplies. Therefore, you should avoid the temptation of buying hemp oil in bulk. Instead, order in moderate quantities so that you are assured to use fresh supplies. 
  •    Cheap is not always good when it comes to hemp oil. To make your hemp oil last longer after opening, you should focus on buying quality as opposed to targeting the cheapest option. Because of the lengthy and complicated process of extracting hemp oil, any product that is sold at a very low price should be treated with suspicion. Often, manufacturers are not thorough and there may be a risk of such cheap oils going bad fast.

If you are planning to buy hemp oil and want it to last longer, you should look for quality by buying from reliable sources or moving to water based products like RESET drops to be confident in your product’s shelf stability. You should do your part by following the manufacturer’s recommended procedure for use and storage.