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Get VIP Status with RESET’s Ambassador Rewards Program

Social media has become a place for you to find your friends favorite products and see their results in real time. Passing photos of the new brunch place or your holy grail beauty products in the group chat has become the newest way to encourage new customers to purchase products they haven’t thought of before. Because who better to get reviews from than your closest friends? And with brands advertising right on your feed, you barely have to leave Instagram to spend your money. The cycle of buying, posting and eventually getting your friends to buy the products as well has done wonders for your favorite brands, but what about the loyal customers? They should be rewarded too, right? 

RESET thinks so. With site credits and free shipping being sent out to repeat customers for just talking about RESET products on social, it has never been easier to get the VIP treatment. All you need is a working Wi-Fi network, your social media, and your favorite RESET products. Want to get on the list? Keep reading to find out how!  

Becoming a RESET ambassador is easy, and you’ll be getting rewards after your first share! All you need to do is sign up on our website, and then post your favorite RESET products on Instagram.  One post gets you a $20 site credit on a purchase of $50 or more, and the more you post, the more rewards you get! Whether it be a Reel or a photo, you could even earn free product. No need to redeem points, once you’ve posted following the simple parameters, the rewards will be sent straight to your inbox! We’re not just on Instagram though. You can get a $10 Amazon gift card, just by tagging us in a TikTok about your favorite RESET products. If you’re a repeat RESET customer, but aren’t interested in social media, a review left on our website gets you a $10 site credit!  

With three simple steps between you and becoming a RESET ambassador, posting on social media has never been so rewarding. Check out our website for the official requirements and conditions. We'll see you on the VIP list soon!