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Battle Allergy Season Naturally

Spring has sprung! The sun is out longer and it’s getting warm enough to leave the house without all the extra layers. But spring also brings along something dreaded by everyone - allergy season. If you’re checking your local allergen report every morning to mentally prepare for the day ahead, look no further. We’ve got some great ways to help strengthen your immune system this allergy season to keep you outside enjoying the sunshine instead of staying as far away from the allergens as possible.

A Quick Shot of Wellness

If you’re looking to preemptively prevent your allergy symptoms, put down the packets of Vitamin C powder, RESET’s got you covered. As a part of our brand new Wellness Shot line, our RESET Immunity Wellness Shot is one sip of highly bioavailable vitamins and antioxidants to promote a healthy immune response. Tired of chalky and medicinal tasting Vitamin C tablets and allergy support supplements? Our RESET Immunity shot is an amazing blood orange flavor so you won’t be tasting that medicine aftertaste hours later. Full of Vitamin C and D3 which help protect your cells from damage and may reduce the severity of your allergic reactions, Vitamin C is also great at supporting your body’s ability to fight infections!

Other ingredients in our Immunity Shot are L-Glutathione, Magnesium, and Zinc to support you through this allergy season.  Did you know that Magnesium and Zinc are essential minerals that help maintain a smooth and relaxed airway to keep allergy and asthma symptoms at bay? RESET Immunity Shots are a convenient way to guard you against the adverse effects of that pollen that’s definitely coating your car when you leave your office. 

Stay Well Rested

If it’s too late to prevent the symptoms, and you haven’t been able to sleep all night because of clogged sinuses, take a look at our award-winning RESET Restore CBN. 2021 Men’s Health CBD Awards winner for fastest-acting product, our CBN will help you feel relaxed fast, and with its water-miscible delivery technology, you can add it to your favorite hot beverage for a boost of relaxation, even in the wake of itchy, watery eyes. Its Blueberry Dream flavor can also be enjoyed alone, drop some under your tongue and let the Santé Delivery System work its magic. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, staying hydrated throughout the day can affect how well you sleep at night. Further, according to Dr. Neeta Ogden, your body produces higher histamine levels when you’re not hydrated which can affect how severely you react to allergens. If you need an extra boost of hydration, grab one of RESET’s Hydration Shots. One quick sip of the delicious Salted Watermelon flavor and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go.

Beat Brain Fog

One of the worst symptoms of allergies - brain fog - could ruin your entire day. It affects your ability to function well, and really no one wants to be taken out of their day-to-day just because of allergy season. Boost your brain and keep RESET Brain Health in your back pocket! When you’re feeling foggy whether it’s early in the morning or right after lunch, our delicious Juicy Pineapple flavor will give you a boost of clarity  (without the jitters) that the extra cup of cold brew would leave you with. 

Throughout the day if you’re having a hard time focusing on anything but the tickle in the back of your throat, add some RESET Balance CBD to your drink - or even just take it on its own - for a dose of wellness to boost your mood and focus throughout the day.

With RESET Bioscience’s list of products, we can help you stay at the top of your game during allergy season. If you want to try a bit of everything, check out our Wellness Shot Sample Pack and our Reset Ritual Pack to test out and learn what your favorite is! We’d wish you luck this year with allergy season but you won’t need it with RESET products.