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5 Ways to Integrate CBD with Mindfulness Activities for Better Sleep

Insomnia is one of the scourges of the always-on, hyper-connected lifestyle. It’s not just that there are so many devices and distractions competing for our attention at all hours, but the continual encroachment of professional life into the personal leaves many of us struggling to switch off when it’s our turn. Insomnia is the consequence, but mindfulness can be the solution. Try these simple techniques to take back control, and see if augmenting the exercises with CBD can give you improved results.

Insomnia’s Worst Nightmare

According to a 2017 survey of 2,400 CBD users conducted by the Brightfield Group, insomnia was one of the most common reasons reported by individuals for taking CBD - and nearly half reported that CBD had replaced certain over-the-counter medications. CBD is currently only FDA-approved in the US for treatment of certain epilepsy disorders, but research on CBD has revealed its promise in a variety of areas including sleep science and mental health. Experts seem to disagree on whether CBD promotes wakefulness or sleep quality, although a review of the literature by researchers at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System in California suggests the two may not be mutually exclusive. There may be differences in outcome based on dose, or even timing. In either case, research suggests that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which works in tandem with other circuits in the brain that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Given that insomnia is often a by-product of anxiety or inflammation, a boosted endocannabinoid system may also help improve sleep by alleviating the severity of these symptoms responsible for sleep disruption.

1. Yoga Nidra to Reduce Symptoms of Insomnia in PTSD

Guided meditation through yoga nidra can be an effective way to reduce anxiety and achieve better sleep. The technique makes use of relaxation techniques to induce a conscious but sleep-like state where the body is fully relaxed. CBD can help overcome the initial barrier to success by helping the body relax and focus in order to disengage from the surroundings.

2. Sedative Properties of CBD and Chamomile Tea

Hemp is not the only plant with a strong reputation for facilitating sleep. Chamomile tea has been a trusted choice for thousands of years. Chamomile extract contains a range of flavonoids and terpenes which are traditionally said to have anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Try adding CBD to chamomile tea to complement its effects.

3. Mindfulness Meditation Relieves Stress

The mind’s reaction to stress is to flood the body with adrenaline and put all systems on standby to facilitate action. That is hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep, even if the stress-provoking incident has long since passed. Mindfulness meditation helps redress the balance by stimulating the relaxation response, the opposite of the stress response. Since sleep disorders are closely aligned with stress, the focus on breathing and detachment from immediate concerns can prepare the body for sleep. CBD might be involved with the process by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

4. Improve Well-Being With a Body Scan

Although the ultimate goal of mindfulness is to detach the mind from the body, one of the most effective ways to withdraw from external stimuli is a full-body scan. This involves concentrating on each part of the body in turn and allowing the mind to assess the sensations therein. Where there is discomfort or pain, an experienced body scanner can learn how to subdue or even turn off the symptoms.CBD might actually prime the body physically for a mental scan, circulating throughout the bloodstream and potentially decreasing inflammation and pain.

5. Take a Warm Bath With Aromatherapy

CBD taken in our water-based formula enters the bloodstream quickly and starts working without delay. That can set up a tired, tense body for mindful relaxation. To take things further and prepare the mind for blissful sleep, relax first in a warm bath and soothe the senses with scented candles or aromatherapy oil mixed into the bath water.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD

The effects of CBD will vary from person to person, but there is no mistaking the difference between a generic CBD oil or product and the advanced technology of our water-based CBD that is used in RESET Balance and all of our other RESET products. Unless you are buying a clinically tested CBD isolate (like RESET) from a brand that shows a Certificate of Analysis from an accredited laboratory, there’s no guarantee that CBD levels will be sufficient to produce the desired effect. Furthermore, many lower-quality full-spectrum oils contain flavorings and other compounds. Choose a CBD like RESET Balance with maximum bioavailability and purity.