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5 Things You Need to Know About CBD Bioavailability

More and more hemp-based products today are purported to be water-soluble and offer more bioavailability. But why should these terms matter to CBD users and how can you determine whether the product you choose is legitimate? To understand the science behind CBD oil in comparison to water-based CBD drops’ bioavailability and why it matters when choosing a product, here are five things you need to know about how CBD oil interacts with our bodies and how nanotech science can help facilitate the process.

1. Absorption

According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, bioavailability is “the rate at which a drug, trace element, etc. enters the bloodstream and is circulated to specific organs or tissues.” When it comes to cannabinoids like CBD, it’s crucial to know that cannabinoids are lipophilic molecules, which are not soluble in water. Because our bodies are mostly made of water, this means that cannabinoids typically have a low oral bioavailability, or they are not as easily absorbed. This is one of the reasons that locating a product with high bioavailability matters. All of RESET Bioscience’s products are maximized for absorption, in contrast to CBD oils, because they are water-based, just like your body!

2. Distribution

When a CBD product has high bioavailability, it more easily disperses into the bodily tissue and organs. Whether your need is better sleep, pain relief or lower anxiety, CBD cannot deliver its healing properties if it does not easily disperse throughout the body. This is why routes that are transdermal (across the skin), intranasal (within the nose) and transmucosal (through the mucous membranes) have often been thought to be better at delivering cannabinoids to parts of the body in need. . Oral methods (until now) have been thought to be limited to CBD oils but with water-based hemp-derived CBD drops, the distribution of the tiny particles is able to easily disperse in your body thanks to a whole lot of science!

3. Metabolism

Metabolism is a powerful process that breaks down supplement molecules and can hinder optimal absorption. Taken orally, a large proportion of CBD is metabolized in the liver shortly after arriving. If a product has greater bioavailability, a much higher proportion can successfully endure the digestion process by evading the liver and flowing straight into the bloodstream before it is excreted.

4. Excretion

Most of the metabolites of oral CBD are excreted via the kidneys; however, products with greater bioavailability will not go to waste. Instead of being cleared from the body immediately, they will be absorbed and distributed to the parts of the body that need them most.

5. Pharmaceutical Technology

RESET Bioscience uses pharmaceutical technology to offer higher absorption in its hemp-derived cannabinoid products. Using this pharmaceutical technology to get the cannabinoids into your body efficiently, RESET is able to improve the pharmacokinetics of CBD for better absorption and delivery throughout the body. A true game-changer in the CBD wellness space, RESET’s advanced CBD drops are derived from hemp and refined in a GMP Lab to encapsulate just the CBD isolate so that it’s THC Free*. The result is a pharmaceutical-grade product that delivers more bioavailability than any CBD oil or edible on the market. Most CBD oils and edibles offer 4 to 20 percent absorption and vaping offers just 13 percent. RESET’s pharmaceutical technology facilitates optimal absorption, which can be up to 80% more than traditional consumption. More CBD in the bloodstream means more relief throughout the body and all the more reason to integrate RESET into your daily use.

Erica Garza is an author and essayist. Her work has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women's Health, The Telegraph and VICE. She lives in Los Angeles.