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5 Natural Ways To Boost Athletic Recovery

With sporting events coming back, we’re all watching our favorite professional athletes and learning their training routines; one of the most important parts of a well-rounded training session is the athletic recovery process. Professional athletes’ recovery methods vary from something as simple as stretching to more complex processes like hydrotherapy, but did you know that your diet could also help boost athletic recovery? Check out these 5 natural ways to help encourage athletic recovery below to find something new to keep you in top shape!


Starting off with something sweet, strawberries and blueberries are not only an amazing way to get something sweet in your day, but they’re full of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants which help your body fight inflammation. Strawberries, for example, are 90% water, and a serving of strawberries gives you ½ a cup of rehydration post-workout. Because strawberries are rich in potassium, magnesium, and sodium, grabbing a few strawberries when you get home from a workout can help you meet your electrolyte needs. 

Blueberries have been the center of many studies regarding their many benefits. From improved mental health to stalling fat cell development, blueberries are sure to become the most super of superfoods. A study led by Steve Stannard, Ph.D., watched 10 female athletes’ reactions to muscle contractions after they drank a blueberry smoothie and then non-blueberry smoothies. What they saw was that the blueberry smoothie decreased muscle contractions far more than the non-blueberry smoothies. While researchers are still looking into exactly what part of blueberries helps with athletic recovery, it is believed that Anthocyanins - what makes the blueberry blue - may be interacting with the antioxidants produced in your body, encouraging a quicker recovery rate.

Want to boost your next berry shake? Add RESET Balance CBD to your favorite mixture for an extra boost to your athletic recovery with mind and body balance. 

Green Tea

Green tea has always been in the news because of its abundance of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and drinking it is a healthy way to get caffeine without the crash that comes with coffee. But did you know that the beverage - hot or iced - can help minimize muscle damage? 

Exercise increases oxidant production in your muscles. This oxidant production can not only limit your athletic performance but in the long run, can cause muscle damage. Catechins - a type of antioxidant - in green tea have been shown through research to counteract the oxidation process. A 2017 study of soccer players who drank green tea over the six-week study showed that muscle damage was minimized, when compared to the weeks they did not drink green tea. 

The positives of green tea after a workout don’t just end there! In a study done on rats, researchers fed green tea to test subjects after they ran or swam. Over two weeks, researchers started to notice an increase in endurance and a decrease in iron levels. They also noticed an improvement in running times during the study, which shows how important recovery is to performance!

Function CBG

A quick - and portable! - way to boost athletic recovery is our RESET Function CBG! Our formula is designed to support athletic recovery and may also support digestion (which we discuss more in another post) - and its Bright Citrus flavor makes it a great addition to your gym water bottle or even your post-workout smoothie. 

But what is CBG? CBG stands for cannabigerol, which is one of the cannabinoids in a cannabis plant that isn’t brought up as much as CBD. Cannabigerol is called the mother of all cannabinoids because it can later transform into other cannabinoids like CBD later in the hemp plant’s life cycle! What does that mean for you? It means that CBG can give you a boost to your hardcore gym days and help that yoga move that body around.  CBG also has been shown to promote bone health which could help you or your favorite runner who puts a lot of wear and tear on their body. 

Stress management is also a benefit that comes with CBG! CBG binds with receptors within the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that support a feel-good feeling. This binding has been known to be even more direct than CBD or THCs binding to the same receptors. Keep away the pre-game jitters by adding a dropper or two of our Function CBG isolate to your water bottle and get ready to play your best with your best body!


An amazing source of protein, almonds are extremely beneficial for muscle growth. On top of their high amounts of protein, almonds also contain iron, potassium, calcium and so many more compounds that help athletes recover quicker. Up to two handfuls of almonds, a day can help athletes build muscle mass and increase testosterone. Testosterone is crucial in muscle growth because it strengthens the muscles you’re creating while working out, it also is considered the biggest promoter of muscle growth and strength in response to resistance training. The potassium in almonds can help prevent muscle loss and prevent muscle contraction post-workout. 

However, while an amazing source of protein, almonds alone won’t provide you enough protein for after your workout on your own. Try adding a handful or two to the berries you’re going to enjoy on the same plate - or add some almond butter to your post-workout blueberry smoothie with your favorite RESET Drops. Or, if you’re looking for a post-workout meal instead of a snack, try adding both berries and almonds to a yummy salad using our final natural athletic recovery booster - green vegetables!

Green Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are good for you, but the variety within food groups is extremely important. Similar to when you choose whole grain bread instead of white bread because of higher nutrient density, the same goes for vegetables. In fruits and vegetables, different colors provide different nutrients, which is why having a colorful plate is so important. Green vegetables - spinach, arugula, kale, etc. - are full of nutrients, making them an amazing addition to any athlete’s post-workout meal. High workout loads can result in some immunosuppression, which puts athletes at a greater risk of getting sick, most notably upper respiratory infections. So grab those green veggies!

Did you know that broccoli has 148% of your recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C? Vitamin C has been proven to be important in preventing stiffness after more intense workouts. On top of copious amounts of Vitamin C, the compounds in broccoli also fight inflammation and they have been known to slow down the destruction of cartilage in joints, which not only helps with athletic recovery but also prevents arthritis!

With all these ideas under your belt and the rest of our RESET product line, you’ll be in tip-top shape after every workout! Happy Working Out!

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